Individual Interests CREATE the culture............

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Actually this was a comment of a antique dealer in Norway as I was watching NHK World on Tv. 
 The comment in whole was:
"Individual interests create the culture of Oslo Norway"

This peaked my interest because of this verse found in Psalms 133:1

The song of David, "How good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity. Like precious oil upon the head, coming upon the beard, even Aaron's beard, coming down upon the edge of his robes.....

In this travel log the main theme this man and the show was about is the identity of the nation was suppose to be built around the varied art and interests of each person who lived there.  Creating a city
that embraced the differences among themselves but kept a harmony and unity for successful living. 

God wants us to live together embracing each others different talents and character traits within the bounds of His Laws of Love. First the laws of love to put God first in our lives then laws of Love toward neighbor.  These laws came from God for our health, joy and success as we live on this earth He created for us.  If we break the natural laws He set forth in any degree we ourselves break the blessings that would come from living rightly.  

It is like the simple law of reap what we sow. We eat bad foods, too much food- we reap sickness and ill health. we drink too much alcohol we throw up and feel rotten the next morning.
 Simple.  We can eat some things in moderation but not all things without paying a price. 
organic peach oatmeal scone ;-) ©salzano

Our decision is to either want to live successfully and with joy, happiness, peace, and health or we don't care.  We want to have God's blessings and help in normal trials and tribulations of life or we determine to handle it ourselves.

Sadly if you watch the news of people today we see whole groups who gather together to try and force their ideals, their idea of right and wrong, down everyones else's throats.  If they believe their actions are not embraced by others- the others are socially condemned, law suits are brought about. All because of their own self interests that have broken the natural laws of God.  They want others to join their sins and make believe what they think  are Good.  Even if they are not. 

I see how subtly Satan, The master of lies and deceit, has twisted what was perfect and good from God who created us all.  It used to be that we spoke words and ideas that everyone knew were good but now can be used to promote something that is harmful.  For instance the common saying to my children growing up when they were discouraged about setting some goal for themselves, I would say "its ok, you can choose to be whatever you want to be".  It was meant to tell them that if they wanted to be a artist, a mechanic, or a space engineer it was ok and I would back them.  Now people want it to mean something entirely against what God created his children to become.  Things against the Creators intent.  Breaking the sacred design for mankind.  Anything that tries to change what God created in His HOLY Righteous character is against God and God's love.  
This comes from Satan who is against all that is love and good.  He makes things look good to the eyes and right in the minds of simple humans beings but his intent is to destroy the children of God and God's plan for all humanity.  

Thankfully He will fail!.  It is already written he will fail but for disobedient children who rebel and keep falling for satan's ways this will have to be corrected by reaping what they sow in the hopes that in time they will see what really happens when you break the laws of love that God is.  (that is not a mistake in wording for indeed... GOD IS) 
Mothers teach by what they say, do and believe. And by what they do not say, do or believe.

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