;-) How far is a smile?

YES, How long is a Smile?  Answer at the end of this post.

The world around us is not smiling very much.  We need to make a conscious mind set to smile more. No matter the circumstances we are going through, a smile is so uplifting to those around us and it does affect our attitude if we will focus on finding the grains of smile seeds in every day!

We even start out ok, but by the time we are in traffic or the bills come in or the kids are again messing up the house we fall back into anger, frustration, depression.  All of which hurt us internally.  Our health is affected.  Our mental and physical condition is damaged.  

A positive attitude comes not from what circumstances we find ourselves in each moment but is found in mental thought patterns.  We choose how we will look at each thing that comes at us each day.  Let me use my self as a example.  

I exert great determination and commitment to get up during the week days at 3am.  Yes you read that correct.  I do not like getting up early and the bed is so warm and I suffer from a constant struggle to sleep soundly most nights. Often waking many times.  But I knew almost two years ago I needed to make serious changes in my life due to health.  One of those commitments is swimming for exercise. I choose to go early at 5am when the club opens that I go to.  It is quiet and traffic is light.  It takes me about 20 min drive.  I have two dogs who must be walked and fed before I go.  I have prayer and a healthy meal before I go too.  So this one day, I got up and went through the whole routine, and arrived at the swim place only to find .....Yes, I had forgot my swim bag with all my stuff.  Now I could be mad, upset and angry to start my day.  I decided in my thoughts right there to be thankful.  I thought to myself, well, God, I thank you for the wonderful drive here today and being able to have a car to drive and the health that I could get up and get things done early.  I just went ahead back home and had extra time for doing my faith blog and enjoying the day of health and joy that God has provided.  

It is not easy, but as time goes on I find I like getting up early and having the day feeling energized and ready to accomplish more than if I had stayed in bed till 6am.  Another key for me is to not even harbor a negative thought in to get me going in the morning.  Any thought to stay in bed or delay is cast out. I just say NO to my self.This took me a over a year to get set in a routine.  Give yourself time to win this battle and do not give up!!
My whole day is better.  First because I set my mind to be positive and smile at the people I meet all along that day and second because I am committed to stay with this no matter what.

We all can do what we really set our minds to do.  It is not a matter of "we Can't" but a matter of how much we really want change in our lives.  We love being angry and upset or do we love being positive and hopeful instead of depressed and angry.  We are the author of our changes but we cannot do it without the help of God.  The Holy Spirit will help us IF we continue to surrender our will to God and seek his help and instruction every single day.  Much prayer, meditation on His word, and seeking His divine help. 

Maybe the best part of smiling is how much this helps those around us.  A simple smile will cheer on a fellow worker, the guy in line with you, a child who is sad, the elderly who no one seems to notice, the sick, the poor, the homeless, and when we do they tend to pass the smile on. 

So the answer to the main question...............

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