Hi, I would like to introduce to you...God

As I was driving through the pouring rain at 4:30am to the swimming club where I exercise this thought was on my  mind.  After spending almost 40 years learning about God, what would be the best thing to explain to others about who He is?

Do I list all the commandments, the laws, the wisdom of Psalms, or proverbs?  I have one thing that helps me do a better job than someone who never walked without God.  I understand what it is like to live without God and compare it to what life has been like walking WITH God.  I do not take it for granted.  I struggle like all humans.  I am well aware of my complete frailty.  My weaknesses. My inadequate character.  However I now know this simple sentence which changes all that.

GOD LOVES ME.  God loves me more than any human on earth can love me.  And God loves you!

So let me explain some things God desires of us.  Who He is and He goals for creating mankind. Just the simple answer here as this is a life time of learning and study and listening to God.

1.God wants us to put Him first above all others things and thoughts. He is not pleased with us saying we love and worship Him and then put all kinds of others things before Him.  We need to learn what being HOLY really means and how to treat God, His name, His plan and all things about God with extreme respect. 
Because when we put God first we will have the happiness, joy and fulfillment in living a productive and helpful life to others and our selves.  When we put money before him, or fake gods, or addictions, or people even ourselves before Him we harm our own selves and we become so self absorbed that we are no benefit to others.

2.God wants us to be fruitful and work .  He wants us to create and build, to live full and active lives enjoying the life we have now on earth in these mortal physical bodies.  He set in motion a simple rule to work six days a week and take one day off.  To rest the mind, spirit, spend time with family, and to give Him thanks .
Because working and accomplishing something every day gives us self worth, brings in a income, helps feed our family, and because we are God's children we work as He works .  He is always creating, building and planning for the family of God.  We are to imitate our God.  Doing things that build up, make beautiful, make things better, helps others, helps the world, helps our communities and our families.  Today and the future.  But all work is not good for mankind.  God knew we needed to rest one day a week.  Since Jesus set the example the best choice to rest is the day He created.  The seventh day of the week.  Which if you study it is Saturday in the old calendar we have.  If it was the day Christ kept then I believe I will rest that day!  Using it for extra prayer praise to God and time to rest from work, putting God and then family first and foremost.  God rested the seventh day so should we.

3.Love your neighbor as yourself.  God wants us to love everyone around you.  That means to think well of, be pleasant to, smile at, care about, take time for, give to all those around you.  The people who live next to you, your family, your apt neighbors, your work team, your boss, the poor and the rich, the nice and the not so nice.  God shows us that He loves us even when we did not know Him and were doing very bad things.  He loves always. This does not mean condone or approve of sin. It means we love always and hate the sin and what sin does.  God is pleased when we take care of family members who cannot.  God is pleased when we give of the money He has given to us to those in need.( buying them food, shelter, etc), to help out when you see a need and not walk on by.  God wants us to love others.  Not kill, hurt, steal from, lie about or cheat others.  
This seems obvious but lets break this down.  When we help and love others and they do the same the world is a much better place.  I actually lived at a time and place where we did not lock our doors.  Where I could go off on my own for hours and my mothers was not afraid of me getting raped, killed kidnapped, or ripped off.  It was a country ranch area in eastern Oregon in the 1950 and 1960s.  Not that on rare occasions this did not happen but at this place and time the people where helping each other through every trial that might come.  Drought? the town got together to help any rancher that was for whatever reasons needed help.  My dad would fix everyones tractor, trucks or help with mowing etc if they could not get help.  And they would have helped him if needed.  
These country people were for the most part honest.  My parents did not lie or cheat the neighbors. Ever.  Never stole. They were taught to live that way. 
Live the way you want others to treat you in life.  You like it when someone says Hello with a smile? So do they.  This world needs more people to step up and be positive first.  It is not always easy.  Some countries may not even accept it.  They might see it as fake and put on to take advantage of. But when you can do smile and be a thoughtful and kind soul.  

 My mother and my dad.  I am so thankful God gave me parents that loved me and taught me some character traits that helped me follow God better.

God is always putting our needs above all else.  This means sometimes letting us go through hard times.You see God has a Great Plan for all mankind.  He has made this earth as the training grounds for raising his children.  It is just a atmosphere to allow a certain amount of time to go by as all of us learn to choose right over wrong.  We reap automatically the fruits of those choices.  This free will teaches us that if we are told to not touch the fire we can obey that wisdom or we can go ahead the put our hand in it to learn the hard way.  This hard way is a mighty lesson.  If that is what it takes to make us learn then that is Good.  Getting hurt is GOOD.  Because we learned.  We normally do not willingly put our hand back in flames right?  Same with a life of willingly stealing, selling drugs, taking drugs or drinking all the time.  We will reap our choices.  We may get deathly sick and die a slow death but if we learn that it is worth it and good for us.
How can it be good if we die????
Because death is not the end!

Contrary to some beliefs, this is not the only day of salvation for many.  Those who never know God, little children, can die and they will be resurrected to live a life where God plans on teaching them at that time.  I am not going into that right now but there are three resurrections.

But for those who do come to know God and follow His ways in this time.  If these people turn away and deliberately turn away from God they will not be in the coming kingdom of God.  

Yes God is planning on a new world with Jesus Christ as ruler. On this earth God will come to dwell.  Jesus Christ is returning and all the ones He calls His saints shall be resurrected at His coming. Some who are still alive at the time will be changed and those who were died shall be resurrected . All of them to Sprit Beings not physical life.
This GOOD NEWS of the Coming Kingdom of God will be on Earth not heaven for 1000 years.  1000 years after Christ returns.  This 1000 years will be a time of peace and abundance.  God and the saints will teach and train the people living at that time to know God and His ways of love.  Then they too will be judged.
God's word says the animals will even be changed. The lion and lamb shall dwell together in peace. The animals that usually eat other animals will eat grass.   A child will be able to pick up a deadly snake and not be hurt. God will give rain in due season unless of course some rebel then they will reap no rain and no food until they learn to follow the ways of life and good.
Men and women will all live to old age and not die young.  Everyone will have their own land and home!  Peace will reign.  God and the saints will see to it that it does!

There is way more in the plans but you are not ready to know this yet and there is not time to write it down here to day.  It is exciting and involves the whole universe!

Here is my fav Song to lift you up today.  The words are true. God is and He knows us.  When we ask God to move mountains of trouble and He does not we TRUST Him because we KNOW He loves us more than anyone.  His love is complete. He knows what is the future. He will be the one to trust.

***NOTE:  Links page will take you to different places where you can get free booklets from United Church of God on the Resurrection.  They have all the scriptures and excellent references.  Other links too.  

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