He who is coming will come and not tarry....

God is sending the Son, Jesus Christ to return to earth.  He has already qualified to rule the earth and take over the reign of Satan the fallen angel who turned to darkness. 

 Those who wish to live abundantly in Gods blessings will live by faith.  Not how good you talk, or appear at church.  Not your good deeds but by faith.  Faith is the thing that is unseen.  Belief in things not yet attained but confirmed by the word of God.  That word of God is TRUTH.  Nothing this world offers that is contrary to God's word is truth.  They are lies, deceit and blindness.  If one is deceived he does not know he is deceived.  Satan has done this but also our own selfish and stubborn attitudes.  Like rebellious children who are spoiled with the blessings we have had so long we defy our Father and Christ our brother in Heaven who consistently taught us truth .  The word of God says that even nature itself has taught us.  In our hearts we know when we sin.  Thus when someone else points out their firm stand on TRUTH the sinner is angry and attempts to retaliate because they do not want to be shown this sin.
This is a sad life to live .  This life of being willingly deceived.  But how much more terrible will it be to those who turn back from Truth and fall away??  The ones who draw back have the worst future a person can image.  I urge you to STAND on the word of God and never turn back.  Trust and live in constant faith no matter what the days ahead may bring!

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