Forgiven, isn't that what we seek?....

When I was young, I did not feel I needed to be forgiven.  I did not know God or walk in His ways but I felt I tried to be a good person. I wanted to please my parents. I wanted to be accepted by others and have friends.  To be a part of.... not excluded.  To be seen as someone who was worthy of being listened to, and trusted.  All humans want this love and acceptance.  However...

When that day came upon which God would lead me to open a bible and read the chapter of the young women caught in adultery, why did I fall on my knees and cry when I read of Jesus words to her, "Neither to I condemn you - go and sin no more"  ? Why? If I felt no need for forgiveness why would I react that way?  One reason is, I knew deep inside me that I had Sinned and needed to be forgiven!

And because deep inside every child of God
 (and ALL of humanity are Gods children it is just most do not know this or accept it .... YET.)
our longing to be accepted and loved by God. God who is above us all. A God who is LOVE and that love is always for our best with no ill toward us.  A all powerful God who can do anything and who is willing to provide, protect and care for our every need.  We want that!  Who would not?  Once the walls of pride, self sustaining, self righteousness is broken down, we want someone who is with us through everything.  Who will intervene for us when we fall.  Who will take care of us.  Do for us what we are not able to do...

It really gets down to spirit.  We are born with a spirit of man.  This spirit is who we are.  A totally unique individual that was created by God himself.  Before you were born God knew you . Before you were conceived in your mothers womb, God knew you.  He decided how you would look, if you were going to be female or male.  He knew the plans He had for you.  He loved you before and after you were born.  You are no accident.  You are not a mistake.  Precious and unique.  But we are incomplete!  We need God's Spirit to join with our spirit to become one with God!  Begotten (not yet spirit) children of God. 

Let me inject something here.  It is important to understand this law.  We are physical.  We cannot become spirit beings without God's Spirit.  But we are physical.  Our bodies are from the dust and when we die go back to dust. Deteriorate, will die. Spirit does not die! Is not physical!
Even after receiving the Holy spirit upon baptism.  We are begotten children.Not yet spiritual children like God.  It is like what marriage portrays. A union of two to make ONE.  Then the two become one unit.  One family.  Man and women unite in the sexual union to become united by God as a unit of one.  This unit then can reproduce to create more people who have the potential to become children of God.  Blessed is this plan of God for many who will join in being His children later.  (more about that some other day)

Being male or female is just part of God's plan for now in the physical because later for those who finish this calling according to God's ways will become Spirit beings and spirit beings are not male or female.  
Study the bible as this information is all there.  I write what is already written and inspired by God in His Holy word.  You look it up. That way you will learn and not depend on what someone says.  Prove it to yourself.  This takes faith in God to help you in what is truth according to the word of God and your effort to seek it! If you cry out long enough, in truth, will not God open your mind to understand?  If however, you are too stubborn and set in doing your way, God will not be able to get through your own walls that block your sight to truth and freedom. 
Then along comes Satan, who hates God and wants to destroy the plan of God for mankind.  Add our own selfish desires, our worship of rebellion (doing what we want how we want when we want)
do it my way attitude, I know more than God what is good for me attitudes.  These two forces are intent on destruction from day one.  Our own choices put us on many paths during this physical life.  

It was King David who first said:

"Blessed are those who lawless deeds are forgiven, whose sins are covered;
Blessed is the man to whom the Lord shall not impute sin"

Only God can forgive.  His forgiveness is our freedom.  We are prisoners of everything that is against God.  We are prisoners of everything that is opposite of God.  Prisoners of hate, anger, deceit, hopelessness, depression, anxiety, despair, selfishness against such there is no hope except Jesus Christ who was sent to die for us. That we may receive the Holy Spirit that is our weapon to overcome all those chains of darkness I just mentioned above.  This spirit of man is joined with God's Holy Spirit to overcome the world, satan and self.   The spirit of man can die and be no more.  The spirit of God never dies.  Upon repentance and acceptance of God's Spirit and ways we then have the full armor of God to overcome all things.  

You have hope.  You have a God ordained destiny IF you seek it.  Time will come quickly where you will fail in everything you do.  What you do before then and now is imperative .  The world is not waiting but God is waiting for all to see who He really is.  He is the breathe of life the light of Joy and warmth you really seek.  You do need to be forgiven and you do need to change your course.  I am just here to tell you it is so worth it.  It is your only hope.  Choose life not death.  God is life. 

Me soon after being baptized almost 40 years ago. 

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