Fire Rainbow


Rainbows Are so beautiful! 
I have seen many through my life. Most are arch's across the sky.  And although science shows  why they occur- I know they are also a sign from God to us.  There are also northern lights that dance across the sky in color areas where I lived in Alaska and other spots around the world.  Wonderful creative art from God to us.  ;-)

When I saw the link to this news article about a Fire Rainbow it peaked my interest.  I had never saw one before.  (link at bottom of this post also)  When I looked at the pictures and saw what someone had written I immediately  thought that the guy on Facebook was right when he said, "the rainbow bridge is broken" 
He had no idea that indeed the rainbow which portrays  the promise from God mentioned in the bible is broken.  Not on God's part but on our part.  Our ancestors went into a binding promise to God to obey all His ways and laws.  And God promised to always provide, protect and heal us.  It was a agreement, a covenant.  If we enter into a agreement today like say, buying a car, and we agree to the terms of repayment it is binding unless one party neglects their part.  If the buyer does not make the payments on time.  Then he no longer gets to keep the car but has to give it back to the seller.  The agreement is broken and no longer binding.

God and Israel made a agreement.  God always fulfills other promises that are not linked to our actions.  Like the blessings on the USA, Canada, England and all the nations that were part of Israel.  In spirit or physical generations.  We were to put God first. Live by the ways of His love toward Him first then to all others.  But time and again we broke these laws.  Again we face the consequences of rebellion.  So yes in a way the rainbow bridge is broken. 

And btw, Rainbows are God's.  Not made by man.  They represent His Love and Promises.  Not mans will or rebellion against Gods way of living.  A way of truth, life abundant and full of joy.

As the world gears up for war again, and division, hate, killing and stealing and all manner of evil becomes rampant God is going to drop his protection. His providing the rains when we need them or the sun to grow our crops. His protection from diseases, famine and wars.
 No one wants God in their ruling nations any more.  He is mere words in others.  Lip service.  This was all spoken of in the Bible about the end times before Christ returns.

Thank God though that He keeps His promise to step in and save us from ourselves. Before we blow up every living thing on earth He will save us.  And he promises that to those who DO follow, trust and obey God, He will never leave us without His help, protection, and providing us what we need when we need it.  


Incredible colors in the sky written up in this BBC  link:

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