Good and Evil-Who decides?

My mom at 85yr old Lives a healthy life style.

There is always a lot of opinion on what is good and what is bad (evil).  Mankind loves to give their own version of what is right and wrong.  But I ask, what do we base this fundamental problem on?  Do we base it on how we were taught growing up, on what we research other views as right and wrong?  What do they base truth of good and evil on?  If there is no standard of what is true then all our best efforts of what is right or wrong is not truth.

A infant can not know what is right and wrong at birth.  They do not know unless taught.  What is taught must be grounded in absolute truth or it is not truth. IF they are not taught at all they will learn from what others round them do.

 The answer is simple.  God almighty created all humankind.  He did not do this and not give us a solid foundational manual of what is right and wrong. What is good?  what is evil?  God explains it all based on absolute love for human kind that He created.  He created us and thus He alone knows what will be good for us and what will harm us.  He knows the mind in detail.  He knows our frame we call our bodies in detail.  Like a automobile that is made to use gasoline will not run on Diesel so we cannot continue in any action, or take in toxic food without paying a huge penalty in health, or if we take in wrong living, what we put in our mind causes damaged mental health.  Broken relationships, broken bodies in health, damaged souls, ruined lives with no joy left and no love for others.

The Holy Bible is that word we need to learn and understand.  We cannot learn this word without a relationship with our creator Jesus Christ, and God the Father.  All it takes is surrender of our own will, what WE decide is right and wrong and instead follow what God knows is right and wrong.  What is evil in God's sight is BAD for us and all those we love.  What is good in God's sight is GOOD for us.  the only thing that gets in the way is our selfish will and satan's influence .
 The Holy Bible has the key to all understanding.  Reading without the help of God's Holy Spirit will not lead to knowledge of God's love.  You must first truly seek God's help to understand.  For a person with a wrong and evil attitude will never understand the things that are Holy and True.
A must for anyone studying the bible is to understand the words used. They are different then we know them today.  The past had different meanings.  Make sure you fully understand the meaning. 

Eating healthy, exercise, minding what you put into your mind, who you choose to model your life like will all determine who and how healthy you become. 

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