Don't get caught with the Tide out!

©brendasalzano My dad and uncles in dads homemade boat.

This photo was taken years ago.  Out near Anchorage Alaska.  The guys were planning a one day trip fishing but read the tide book wrong.  They spent most the day stuck in the mud because when the tide goes out up there it roars out fast.  There they sat watching with binoculars to see any signs of tide coming back in.  Hoping it would lift off the mud and not swamp.

This is a great spiritual lesson.  We too must read the Book God gave us. The Holy Bible is from God, inspired by God to each of us.  If we read it wrong, assume things, do our own thing, we too may be stuck in the mud when Christ returns.  Unable to be there at His coming to be received as one of His children.  Peering off to see what is going to happen and not knowing.  

We need to be prepared!  NOW is the time before it is too late.  Look around you.  The world is on the brink of WW3.  All the nations are now preparing for war instead of cutting down their armies and weapons they are again building up.  Flexing their muscles and jockeying for positions.  When we see all the things written in Daniel and Revelations as well as other passages we know the time is at hand.  Although no one knows (except the Father) the exact hour we were told to WATCH and be prepared!
The only safe spot is in a correct relationship with God.  Jesus Christ is our safe place.  We can trust God in these days ahead and be ready.

Thankfully my dad and all on board that day  they got stuck were ok.  A ruined fishing day but a day they returned safe to their families.  Dad learned from it.  He built that boat.  He went on to build big steel tenders of which at least one is still fishing the deep seas of Alaska today.  It is called the Farrara Sea.  I plan on being there to help my dad when he is resurrected.  I plan on being with Christ at His coming!  I am weak but He is perfect!  We must prepare our minds now for what is come.  Do not be caught un-aware!

May God bless and keep you as you stay close in prayer and study every day.

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