By what measure do you decide what is good?

It is all a matter of opinion right?  What I believe is "good" may not be what another believes is "good".  

For instance, I believe that it is good to smile at those I do not know and be pleasant in social environments.  Friendly is being good.  I also believe good means that I am acting, thinking and behaving as Jesus Christ acted when He was on earth.  Out ward and not always on me.  Giving and not just "Getting". According to the commandments left to us toward others and treating our selves with "good" behaviors. Like healthy eating, and mental behaviors that promote a healthy mind.  

But that word above .... Jesus Christ....  That is the breaker for others.  Many can call upon the name of Jesus Christ but they do not live or act or think like Jesus Christ.  Or they do not believe in Him at all. So since I base my action , thoughts on God I do have a foundation for my truth on what is Good.
I have the choice to build my foundation of what is correct and what is wrong on God's Word and example.  

If one has no foundation then they decide upon themselves as to what is Good and what is not good. 
Thus basically making themselves "god" in their actions.  Superior in knowledge of what is good and what benefits themselves and others by their human minds.  As if they have no beginning and no end.  As if they created themselves and all the earth.  

It is every humans choice is it not?  To choose like Adam and Eve wether to believe God or to decide for themselves.  God did allow this. He could have made them obey. But He did not. Even though  He already knew they would choose to learn for themselves.  We see this ourselves if we have children to raise.  These children can be told and warned not to use a knife wrong, or touch a hot pan on the stove.  How to correctly ride a bike or not to jump off the tree limb but never less the child almost always decides to try it and reap the consequences before they learn WHY the "do not" command was given.  So as parents we allow our children to fail at times so that they can learn.  Learning is also taking responsibility for our actions.  

That is my dad in picture above.  He is waiting his resurrection now.  But when I was small I disobeyed and learned a hard lesson.  We lived on homestead in Alaska.  I was told NOT to climb on the iron trailer he was building because I could get hurt.  But I somehow found myself on the trailer and I fell.  Dad walked by just as  fell.  I had reached out to grab the metal bars standing up for sides as I fell and one of them had a sharp newly welded spur.  As I fell it ripped my hand open from tip of finger to center of palm.  Dad asked , "you ok?"
I lied and said Im ok, because I did not want to get into trouble!  I ran into the house and burst out crying to mom.  My hand was cut to the bone and bleeding badly.  In those days as homesteaders there were no doctors and people did what they could.  The hand was dipped in kerosene oil.  It worked as a disinfectant.   Dad was called in to help wrap the hand.  Today I carry that scar as a reminder of my disobedience.  Dad did not want to stop me from playing.  Dad wanted me to not get hurt.  But I would not listen.  I was a child and knew better right?   

Humanity is the same.  A world teaming with people all over learning to chose correctly or not.  Every day we choose anger, rebellion, hate, stealing, deception, lie, or truth, joy , love toward others, patience, or impatience, sympathy or arrogance.  

So this got me thinking when correctly, a small post said something about being GODLY.  I thought yes, this is the word we need to express instead of Good because no one has a sense of GOOD anymore.  But Godly is foundational.  Godly means it is From God's truth of what is good and perfect.  And not just because He decided it but because it is absolutely the best for each one of us and all those we love if we follow Godly ways. 
In my parents day, good was known.  My dad's word was better than any book of documents. A hand shake was binding!  A business had to only write truth on its practices or get in trouble.  News used to be bound to TRUTH not opinion.  Def. not LIES.  

Of course there is one more group who has totally left all to follow the dark spirit of this world. Satan.  And all he stands for.  Like the post I saw where a mother with four children were hung by ropes and lit on fire to die a horrible death.  Why because they wanted to leave ISIS.  Twisted, deranged minds following exactly what Satan and his demons want.  They want to see human kind DIE.  It is their purpose to destroy, torture, eliminate forever humanity.  They have no sympathy for anyone, no Godliness found in them.  Only darkness resides in hallow bodies as they think only of themselves.  

But do not fear!  God will not let us perish.  We will have to learn, but Christ will be coming back as King of Kings and Ruler of all the earth ON EARTH for 1,000 years.  Before we wipe ourselves off the planet and before Satan  has won, God will intervene.  But not until all the nations go to war again and every home and building is torn down.  A terrible time but a time to learn.  When all the petty things people are up in arms about now take back stage to what matters most.  Life. 

Choose today life!  God is waiting for your call.  Pick up His word and study and pray for salvation.  For God to save you and be with you in the days ahead.  Lean not to your own understanding but trust and believe in the God who created you.  He waits for you... 


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