A song A name and Prophecy

Last night the new president of the United States of America danced with his wife to this tune:

Interesting this song was chosen.  It not only talks about doing things "my way" but also starts out saying the "end is near".  I hear prophecy in this. 

 First we have the name of our president, Trump which reminds me of the trumpet of warning given in Israel before any major event.  

Second the song does say Mr Trump has done things his way, but the spiritual meaning is that Mankind has had its time to do all things their way.  From Adam and Eve to now.  Man decided what was right or wrong.  We have decided for ourselves.  Swayed by satan of course, but selfishness has ruled our hearts.  The song and the new president which if you know God you know HE allowed and put the new president in His post.  Just as all world leaders do not attain any power unless allowed by God. All to the purpose of the end plan of God to teach and train his children.  

Third, The end is near!  this is not the end of mankind but the end of human rule over the earth and themselves deciding what is right and wrong.  

Also as I watched the news clips of the protestors. One clip showed them all dressed in black. (sin and darkness) covered their faces (because they know they do wrong) and one carried a sign that said, "no nations, one rule" or something like that.  I could see the prophetic stirring where ONE WORLD RULE is coming.  Not God but man trying to dominate all things. This one man coming will unite with one large church to obtain rule! This destroying buildings in the clip and burning cars etc is chaos and sin.  Rebellion caused by the dark spiritual forces (Satan)that are escalating as is mankind's hate and fear.  

So as the "Trump" sounds, the song plays "the end is near" and mankind did it their way and that way will prove to be the coming to the spot soon where all mankind would erase themselves off the face of the earth EXCEPT that is not in God's plan but to save us!!  The GOOD news is that Christ is coming.  That is the end of man and beginning of GOD ruling on the earth and bring in peace, prosperity for all people in a place where man will not destroy and kill each other. 
If you do not believe me read your own bible.  It speaks clearly of all this.    

I do believe God is very displeased when elected officials actually take the Holy Bible and place their hands on it and swear before God on HIS WORD to do righteously and then with absolutely no commitment to God they go on with business as usual according to their own rules and regulations not even learning what GOD's Word and Ways are.  Lying, cheating, gaining for self, and seeking power. Lip service will NOT save our nation from the penalties of our sins. It takes a whole nation to repent and change for no single man can change anything.  Only God can change things.  And when one prophet of old asked God after seeing the future of our own destruction, "when will they see and change ?"  God said, "not until all their homes and lands are destroyed" only then will they believe and be willing to change.  

lastly my personal note:
I believe all our presidents think they are doing good for the nation.  But I also know humanity.  We are basically very selfish. Even when we GIVE, we give so others can see our good works and we do it to save on taxes, build up our standing among men not to really help others. If we really meant to help others we would do it without fan fare or recognition .
 Instead letting just God know our good deeds and let him bless us if He deemed so to do.  But doing good because our Christ does good and the Father is Perfect in Love.  And we want to be like Him.  

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