What this Feast of Trumpets means to me...

pic I recently took while visiting Olympia, Wa.©Salzano

I am so excited about this fall.  The last Holy Days of this year (USA calendar) are coming and starting with the Feast of Trumpets! 
God works in exact timing.  In the fourth, 7th year I was baptized.  Meaning 28 years from birth but in 7 yr increments.  Seven is God’s number for completion. 
I accepted His calling wholeheartedly and began my life long lesson plan as laid out by God. 

The church God first put me in was one that taught us from the bible. We studied scripture weekly on the 7th day sabbath. Same day that Jesus Christ kept.  And I attended weekly bible studies.  I wanted to learn all I could from scripture and not just what someone told me. I wanted to read it myself.  Thus, we all learned about the annual Holy Days that Jesus himself observed.  They are God’s Holy days not mans celebrations.  I found one of the Holy Days is called the Festival of Trumpets.  It is one of the 8 ones that spiritually are to show mankind His plan for us!
They are key to what God is doing, why He created humankind.  Why Jesus Came to die for us. 

This day to me is huge.  It is a blowing of trumpets in the future when Christ himself shall return to usher in His rule over the earth and take away satan’s rule over mankind.  

But it is also the sounding of alarm. This also is the alarm of judgement upon the people of earth that have refused, and rebelled against God in every way.  Disobedient children that have persisted in doing things in what they deem is “right’.  Not knowing or caring that it leads to death, hurt, sufferings, illness, and unhappiness.  This day will be duel.  First sounding the last call to repent and change from all evil. That a reaping what we have sown is about to come upon the whole earth and second that after this judgement of terrible horrors,as mankind makes war against each other. A time like never before.  Destruction will be everywhere and they still will not stop! 

So,  Christ will stop the destruction and death before all mankind is destroyed by coming back to earth with all the saints and angels.  At the last minute, all the earth will see Him coming in the clouds.  A great sound will be heard all around the earth.  The wars will be stopped. Every knee shall bow.  
although this is just a moment when the tide is completely out this also depicts what our land will look like when all is destroyed because of our sins.©salzano

*The the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, sang, “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and He shall reign for ever and ever”. Rev 11:15 

also read Leviticus 23:15-25

This means the restoration of things for man.  Right now it is filled with so much evil, deception, greed, and every foul thing that it is obsessive to read any news or watch any news cast.  There are constant danger from other people and the even the weather has waxed worse and worse as the people have left God so He has lifted His protection and care.  Why? Because we are rebellious and must be allowed to reap what we sow.  We want a land with out His care ? We want our government ruled without His laws of Love?  Now we are having it.  We truly live in the last generation before Christ returns unless God was to intervene and slow down the events rushing at us daily.  I do not see that and personally I pray for God to let happen what must happen so Christ will return quickly!  I do not believe we should pray for revival but pray for each person to repent and change!  We will not learn until all the cities are destroyed.  Read Isaiah 6:11-13..We do not learn with God protecting and providing what humans think they are doing.  So if He lifts that away and we are left to see the results only then will we truly learn and turn again to God.  
The Feast of Trumpets falls on the evening of this Sunday the second of October at sunset and continues all day Monday.  Look it up online. The best articles are found at BTmagazine.org/booklets

But God will protect those who place all their trust in Him and who follow His ways. Those ways are only known to those who study the Bible daily and Live those ways in mind and deed.  They are true followers who are passionately about God love and His plan for mankind. They will have a deep relationship with Him today, tomorrow and forever no matter the circumstances. 

For prophecy I follow  :  Jonathan Cahn  , and United Church of God
but I also follow visions.org

For personal relationship with God : Joyce Meyer, Charles Stanley (In touch)

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