The less you have the more precious the Junk.....

Large Art work made with junk found at thrift stores

I have found that the less one has -the more junk has value.  Yes I said Junk.  To a person of regular income and means the old bottles, twine, cardboard boxes, even left over food from eating out is not worth the bother to keep.

However, if you have very little you will find the uses of old cartons, bottles, twine is imperative to your getting by.  
I grew up in a family that at times struggled to get by.  Hard times means you can not run out and buy what you need.  Maybe that is the key.  Knowing NEED verses want.  Limited income forces families to know what they Need and what they need to get by without or find to use. 

If I can afford food but the dollar is limited, I buy the most I can.  No snacks, but vegetables and a little fruit, meat or protein in beans, legumes etc.  I may have to buy only things that can last without refrigeration (if I did not have a refrigerator).  My plates may have to be plastic that was discount dollar store buys.  My condiments may be extra salt, pepper, catsup from past meals at fast food restaurants.  You know those little extra packets they give out with your dollar meal.  

I and my husband drag home rocks, sea shells, as if they were treasures.  They don't cost money and we decorate our planters with them. Planters could be old decorated food cans, a wind blown plastic pot or even old boot.

 Driftwood becomes fancy beach houses or yard decor.  Old pine cones and twigs become a special thanksgiving decor.  

My dad would find old iron things and remake them into things he needed.  Scrap metal is important if you have no money to buy new.  So the old saying, “one mans junk is another mans treasure” is indeed true but you will never understand that unless you are one who has had to learn to do without lots of money.  

Spiritually I think this has value too.  The more God sends me through,  the more compassion I have of others going through the same.  Ever lost home?  maybe through no fault of your own you loose a job and can not get another so you end up loosing your house.  Now when others loose their home you are not so fast to condemn them for being lazy or inept about doing their budgets correctly etc.  What if God just turned the tide to ways that made you loose everything so that you could learn true values that last eternally? 

How about getting really sick.  After you are really sick, and maybe almost die,  notice how much more compassion you have on the sick.  Their needs, and how they feel in the midst of it. 

God allows His children to go through much if they are to help many.  How can they relate correctly unless they do?  Besides God does not look at humans as disposable junk. No matter what they have done, He values them and what they can be.  Every life matters.  Just not in their rusted, broken self but in their future purpose God has planned for them IF they will just let Him lead them.  IF they will let Him heal them.   

Found old tree cones, and one thrift store candle and wicker bowl equal nice thanksgiving table decor piece.  

So today on, look at all people as treasures to God.  They are His.  Valuable.  If you have much, learn to share what you have regularly.  Give to charity, give your usable things to Salvation Army and or Goodwill.  Try to learn to do with less and thus give more.  God will bless the giver and remember God blesses those who receive.  It is sometimes much harder to receive but if you remember God blesses those who gave to you then you can know HIS blessings can not come to them unless you receive!  

Finally in ALL things give thanks to God who gives all things to us.  Life, breath and everything in between! 

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