Be ready for drastic changes ahead .....

©brendasalzano  "Waiting for the tide to come back in" Pic of my dad and family in Alaska. They read the tide tables wrong and spent a lot of hours stuck on the mud!  Don't read the times wrong today and get stuck without God!

For many years, since my baptism I have studied hard and loved what God continely teaches me through His word and the circumstances of the life He puts before me.

I have not taken lightly His calling.  He has brought me through many roads.  Some very difficult and filled with great sorrow.  Life lessons of what happens when we follow His ways correctly and what happens when we walk by our own ideas, or in sin.  God has been before me and comes up to protect me from behind.

God has taught me what to expect before the Coming of Jesus Christ and until recently it seemed a long way off.  This past year has been filled with a world bent on leaving God and going opposite of all that God stands for.  Hate, greed, devil worship, and every degenerate idea has been ramping up at unheard of speed!  The world does not SEE this!  They are blinded by sin and rebellion.  They flaunt the sins and self love of every vile thing as if nothing will ever happen.
It breaks my heart and I see the sufferings of the people.  Satan has blinded and used them so cleverly that they think it all their idea.

The world calls for politically correct behavior from all in the guise of freedom when in fact it is dictatorship and world control that is coming.  One man is rising to unite with one religious leader to dominate the entire world.  This dictator will look like the savior of the world but He will deceive everyone.  The intent is rule at all costs.  Satan's goal is to destroy mankind because they are to be God children!

But God has called forth those who will believe!  Those who will stand for God and speak the word of God till their last breath in this physical life.  Many will die. But death is not the end for those who love and have faith in God.

The time is coming soon when the financial systems of USA and the world are going to take the biggest fall ever.  It is the shaking and beginnings of sorrows.  There is no safe spot for us.  Except one. Only in Jesus Christ is our safety.   No building, no bunker, no amount of wilderness survival will save you.  Only God.  And even in that we shall go through hard and difficult times. Be not afraid or loose heart,  for God will be with those who are His.  There are two sides to the future.  One is on the worlds side and what it says is right.  It's leader is actually Satan.  Or belong to Christ and follow the word of God and stand at the house of the Lamb!

Time is running out.  Get off the fence and make your decision. Set your mind that no matter what happens your on God's side. If you lose all your money, your home, your family, your friends, or even your life !  Choose God now mentally,  and keep in constant prayer.

In the days ahead I will continue to put on Twitter all the information regarding prophecy I see happening.  I will continue to post there and here Gods messages that He leads me too.  I urge you to follow people like Jonathan Cahn, The United Church of God,, and for personal goals to know God better follow Joyce Meyers, Charles Stanley .
Follow world events and watch news on utube of what is happening around you.  The signs are everywhere!

And may God give you eyes to see and faith to believe.  God will send Christ soon.  God will set up a new kingdom with Jesus Christ has head and leader of a new world with only good and true happiness and joy.  Abundant living and full.  But before this new world is born a pain like childbirth is coming on the world.  It has too come for Judgment has come.  And it begins at the house of the Lord!  Beware that many preach the word of God but deceive the many.  What looks like religious is only mans rules and pompous works.  That is why the Holy Bible is your tool to find truth.  You will know them by their fruits!

God help us be more than we can image to be in these last days before you return.

 Very Old Jewish mini bible I found at yard sale.  I love the workmanship on the cover and back. The meaning it holds to my people , brothers and sisters of God.

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