Prophecy: Important links to keep on hand during this next year

As we enter the summer of 2016 , anyone with eyes and ears can see the world around is changing and not for the better.  If you are a long time follower of Christ and study the bible daily you know we are entering a time of great warnings from God and signs of Jesus Christ to return and save mankind from destroying themselves.  

First in my list to follow is Jonathan Cahn. Prophecy 
He is found on UTUBE, and Here.
His online site " Hope of the World" and some churches are featuring his sermons.  I am telling you God has sent His spirit to be upon this man to speak out GODS truth.  For this end time before Christ Returns.

Second is to follow the United Church of God.  Truths of God
You will find FREE booklets on every subject that follows God's word and other great resources.

Third: For a better personal relationship or walk with God I highly suggest Joyce Meyers. She is a fav or mine for years.  She can correct you and you will laugh about it.  ;-)

Fourth is Visions with David Hulme.  Another great site where all subject matter is backed by scripture and in depth reporting.  Excellent for the reports on history and what is coming.

Take time to check them all out.  Your decisions today will affect your life from this time on.  We can study and find out truth or sit by and watch events happening without know why and what is the way. No one can decide for you.  We all decide what direction we will go.  Time is short.  Make a stand for truth of God and His loving word.

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