One page of News and the Signs are everywhere

It is amazing how we can can go about a normal life and yet if we do not open our eyes and listen with our ears we shall be blind men walking over the cliff.

I just spent a wonderful weekend with my grown kids and we celebrated  Mothers Day.  It was sunny and we ate out at a couple nice restaurants. Enjoyed the time with some shopping and laughing as we went about life in the yet free world of USA.
Yet in this peaceful existence the signs of change are blaring at us daily.  I stopped and read one page of news that covered these topics:

1. The news about North Korea and having nuclear power to strike Japan and South Korea is not a fact.
2. Rift Grows wide as Republicans abandon Trump by Alexander Burns
3. Chicago so violent in some areas even the police will not go there.
4. Groups who now see rebellion as the "power" of attitude  Various articles around the net.

WHAT??? In my own country we have places so dangerous even our police can not keep the peace?

another paper talked about the facts that neither candidate for presidency is good news for the nations investor section.  That one was in the USA Today by Adam Shell.    That one of the candidates would possibly produce a trade war and a spooked market.   

What is happening?  (all photos are ©BSalzano)

I have always been interested in watching world events and what is happening.  Why?  Why watch "bad" news?  Because in studying the bible Christ said we should be watching.  We need to know when changes are about to happen.  Can I change the way my country is going or the world?  No
and No again.  

But as followers of God we as His children had better be aware and staying close to God.  Being close means you follow His ways, not the worlds.  That your relationship with Him is more important than where you work, where you live or what you have.  That you hang on every word of God and seek Him and His truths daily.  Every day you sing out loud to Him and give Thanks for all you have from God . With God comes life and help through all things.  

If for a second we think none of the evils around us can happen to us you are deceived and blind.  
That we might not be homeless, Loose your job, or get very sick, or that our own nation just may one day collapse !!  What if it did.  What would you do?  Where would you go?  What if you had no bank account or food or place to stay?  Who could save you?  Only God can.  There is not enough money to buy your safety or anyplace to go to save you when not IF things go very wrong for the world.  It is just a matter of when and no one but the Father in heaven knows that.  But Christ told us about the signs and for those who study you can know those signs and I am telling you it is closer now than ever before.  The rumblings of chaos and disaster are everywhere.  

The weather, 
The leadership world wide 
The growing unrest between nations
The racial unrest
The food supplies
The oil supplies
The die off of many water animals
The earth itself is rumbling and shaking more and more.  
All through the history of the world has it ever gone forever without nations rising up against nations?  Peace is not to last.  The signs are increasing and now is the time to wake up.  
We have always had these problems but not to the degree we have now.  We have had wars but never before has Nuclear weapons been in fanatical hands to the extent they are now.  We are children with power to destroy ourselves and no sense not to do it.  

Good is called evil and evil is called good.  

There is GOOD News that although this world is hell bent to destroy itself and all people in it, God will STOP it before all humanity is killed.  God, Our savior and Lord Jesus Christ is returning one day.  At the very worst time to hit this world He will return.  Are you ready to be with Him at His return or will you fight against Him?  Choose Life!  
This tree grew around and trapped this huge rock.  Then died and became driftwood. 

Want to know more?  See some videos, get some answers?  Here are some links you must see!

1:Highly Recommend you read the book "the Harbinger " His site is HERE 
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2:Another favorite author is David Hulme of Visions.  Want proof of things, This site is full of truth!  Videos and articles you will not want to miss!  HERE

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3:Also I recommend  United Church of God, Preaching the gospel - preparing a people 

4:For Personal relationship with God, To grow and understand God better I highly suggest any Joyce Meyer books and podcasts.  I also love her ministry that helps so many people world wide. 

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