What "rights" are we entitled too?

I recently read a article about a mass murderer who is in court because he claims his "rights" have been violated.  Lets see now, a person goes out and murders 8 with a  bomb then goes out and kills 69 children at a youth camp  in 2011 and in the mercy of the courts is allowed to LIVE but in jail.
He took the lives of all these people, who knows how many were maimed, or the anguish of the living family of the dead. He gets to live and while in jail is even allowed to the right of a college education.  "“All inmates in Norwegian prisons have a right to pursue higher education in Norway if they meet the admission requirements and are successful in competition with other applicants,”(as per NBC news)active link above
I wonder what those admission requirements were?  
I wonder who pays for all his needs in jail and the college education?

But I guess that is not good enough  of society to let him live and be fed, housed etc Read article above for whole story.  I see plenty of cases every day of people claiming their rights.  I see full grown adults living with parents and demanding their "right" to have the parents pay for their food, cars, money to spend on non needs just because they are their kids.  No matter that they are over 30 years old and using their parents love.  Grown kids who murder their parents, or steal from them.  Do they have the "right" to do this?
I am not talking about families who help each other in down times. I certainly would take in my grown kids if they lost their jobs and needed time to get back on their feet and I have family that helps me in my time of need too. I am talking about a lack of responsibility and plain SPOILED humans who have this idea the world "OWES " them.  Unthankful humans!

 What does God say about rights?  What is any one persons RIGHTS?

One can look up the def. of Rights on Wikipedia which is BTW all man made rights.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is posted at this link:

 For this post I believe only GOD'S definition of right is correct.  Only God's def. of love, life and future is correct because Everything made on this earth and in heaven was created by God.  He alone is law giver, life giver, and only He knows what is correct or corrupt.  All His ways are light, life and truth.

Here is a better post on "rights and responsibilities from Visions.org

I only know that
 #1 God is Love. First law is love toward our creator God.
 He bases every thing on out going love but God has boundaries.  Love does not mean He allows people to do whatever they feel like and be blessed with "rights" or Godly Blessing.
Some blessing would be food when we need food, a job to provide our own food, or health , or a place to dwell.  These are all blessings from God.
#2 God says to treat all others with love like He does.

If we continue in sin God is just in having a penalty or reaping what we sow" boundary".  It does not say we can sin and still reap blessings of His protection, His providence, His healing, His inspiration, and teaching.  God says those who walk in sin continually are the same as dead men walking.  The dead have no "rights" when compared to those who everyday do apply the ways of God love toward all others and esp to God.
Does God love the man who murdered?  Yes.  His love is unconditional.  But expect this man to accept that love and change.  He has a penalty for those who do not.
Does God want us to mistreat this person in any way, No.  Does God want us to lavish his stay in jail and let him have all the rewards of those who are obeying the rules of those not living in sin?  If you answer yes, you do not know God.  Out of Love God wants this man to change his mind and soul.  How will he ever change if he gets what he wants when he wants it?  What will trigger him to act different and be kind to others or even think of others better than himself?  It will not be pandering to his tantrums and self proclaimed rights.

What we see today is a increase of the influence of demonic spirits.  These are Hate, anger, entitlement, cruelty, murder, deceit, and the list goes on.  We battle not against physical but the spiritual dark spirits that until Christ returns are ruling this world.  That is not my words but the word of God. If we have no foundation in truth we fall for all the dark spirit world of anger and hate and destruction.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I expect God's unfailing love to see me through all my days. I don't see it as a "right" but as a child of the living God I see it as a part of God's outgoing love that never changes.  At this stage of my life I do not see I have any "RIGHT" to anything.  I am THANKFUL constantly for every little thing God give me.
­čÖĆAfter a health scare, I am thankful for every breath and that I can walk and have hair on my head.
­čÖĆAfter loosing our home, I am thankful for a bed at night and a dry spot to live until God provides a new place to dwell.
­čÖĆAfter loosing a regular income, I am thankful that God has provided what I need every day since 1999.

I think being in a state of constant appreciation for every breath, ever morning, of every thing yes even what we consider bad days, is the state I want to live.  

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