Taking Care of Health is a spiritual thing....

I have found that unless we are in good health we are limited in our service.  Not saying that if you are in bad health you don't.  Many people are bed ridden but are the greatest prayer warriors.  BUT if we neglect  our health and eat junk, never exercise and put in our minds all the wrong things we do not glorify God as we could be. 

For years I was injecting better foods and walking on average of 4 to 5 days week.  However this did did not prevent my collapse that day back in August of last year.  For the last 8 months I have been serious about making a full change.  God gets all the glory for 1st saving my life that day.  2nd for giving me strength to change completely.  

The worst thing was not having any energy to keep up my posting to my blogs, enthusiasm for telling the word of God on social media or leading others in inspiration and help.  I was so sick that I could not help others.  I could not help myself.  This all has shown me how frail we are.  Like a new baby lamb.  Not even able to stand yet and looking for milk.  

I first stopped all processed foods. No white sugar, no white flour, nothing not organic.  It took months.  I also had a serious problem with my back, left hip and left knee.  This prevented me from even walking.  I knew I had to keep moving so I joined the YMCA to swim.  I was so weak it took time to be able to swim 30 min w/o being too tired.  I used the jacuzzi to massage my muscles and hip.  With the drastic new diet, I lost 35 pounds.  The weight off helped the back and knee and hip. The swimming daily (4-5 days a week) strengthened muscles without trauma. 

Now My mind is getting back to normal, and I am almost back to the energy I should have at 64.  I am starting to write again, and do my creative arts again.  
eat healthy when going out.  There are healthy foods available or don't eat there!

God is in all of this.  I chose NOT to get doctors help except that first day of collapse.  I needed to hear God only and what He wanted me to learn.  I had to leave my home and live elsewhere for recuperation.  I had to sell the home for a low price and let all my stuff just be in storage.  This was what God wanted for me.  Sometimes we just have to step back in order to make progress. This is how I looked at things but how you do it is between you and God.  We all need to take charge of our own health and relationship with God.  Doctors are there to be used but they are not GOD.  They do wonderful things to help the lives of many but they do not heal, only GOD can heal.  Keep things in perspective.  You are in charge of your life.  Make sure you know all options before you do what anyone tells you.  Get second opinions.  Be responsible.  

We can either live out the life God has ordained for us in health or we can live it out in sickness and lackluster effort.  Again do not apply what God is doing in my life as something for you unless you know God has led you to this change.  Some can not change their situation.  I felt God would change mine and is changing mine even though I am still without a home as of this writing. And still working at my eating habits and daily exercise.  

You can grow your own veggies and herbs right on your porch!  

My point is "consistently " we need to be working at improving ourselves in the areas we can.  If we can change out some physical foods for organic and more healthy we need to .  Cut out white sugar for one!  It was destroying my thyroid.  We consume way to much in this country.  
Exercise.  The daily swimming is my best results fast.  I feel like a new person every single day I swim.  I walk out the doors of the YMCA and think "wow, I can tackle this day!"  My depression is never around when I swim daily.  If I miss just two days I will start to feel overloaded again.  Getting the blood moving.  
Consistency if paramount.  Keep to it daily.  Not only your study and reading of Gods word, which feeds your mind and heart but physically walk, swim, bike whatever you enjoy and can do.  If it is just a few blocks around your home or climbing stairs do it.  I laughed so hard at a commercial a while back that showed a person come into a exercise place and all decked out with the exercise outfit and they ran, walked ,pushed up weights etc and then weighed themselves.  they were mad and upset to see they did not loose any weight.  LOL!  This is what we do.  We want lots of results with no commitment or consistency.  It takes time and dedication.  Both spiritually and physically.  There are no short cuts.  We will either talk ourselves out of it and live like we always do or we will make the change and live alive!  The words, "I can't" is not a option if your life depends on it.  and it does! 
Dry your own herbs, teas in a simple food dehydrator

My advice is:  
Pray first for the will and means.  Then Pray to be consistent.  Pray every day for help. And then don't say I will start later, start now and do not look back.  At every corner when something tries to interfere just say I WILL NOT QUIT.  Do not let your mind linger on taking that bad for you food or NOT doing your exercise.  If you fail one day get right back up the next.  Don't let a few failure days depress you.  You will make it but it begins in my mind.  You have to think it first to do it. Don't read food adds unless it is organic ones, and do not dwell on things that do not get you closer to the goals.  
Having pets help us get up and going.  Join a dog obedience class or go for walks! 

I believe time is shorter than we realize.  We have NO TIME to be unhealthy.  We as believers NEED to ready our minds but also our bodies for the days ahead.  The news , the weather, the unrest in and around the world is telling you to be ready.  First and foremost your relationship with God but also your health because we do not know what lies ahead.  These years coming, the next 20 years may become very difficult!!  Be on guard and ready for whatever the Lord our God lifts you up to. 

Joyce Meyer had this in a late mailing..  Great signage to remember:

I pray for all my brothers and sisters in Christ and in His Might and loving Name I pray Amen

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