Personal Pondering’s on applying God to every day activities:

Today I decided to write some personal thoughts.  

1. I awoke at 5am this morning as usual.  By six am I have done my morning routines. Prayer, Reading God’s word and drinking it in. Walking the dogs and feeding them.  

Since I am staying at my mothers house until God finds a way for me to have a home again, I am blessed to have breakfast with her every morning.  2. She loves to cook and makes the breakfast.  We always have organic vegetables with a egg and a small slice of organic made bread.  We sprinkle the breakfast with fresh seasonings that we have found very 3. beneficial for health. Cayenne pepper, cardamon, ginger, and always liquid Aminos which comes in a spray bottle.  This replaces salt naturally.  Tastes great too!  

4. My next "to do" item is to drive 15 miles to the YMCA where I swim for 25-30 min. and sit in the jets of the jacuzzi for 10 min.  I do a slow side stroke up and down the lanes steady.  I do not stop but I do tread water at intervals and stretch my arms back and forth to loosen the shoulders.  5. I focus on calm mind thoughts, watching the water in how the colors change and the waves sooth my whole being.  It is not about being fast or how many laps I do it is about being consistent.  It is about relaxing my mind and focusing on God.  What He is doing in my life and His blessings even when so many things can be going against the normal or what I would like to see happening.  

It is so amazing how great I feel after this routine every morning.  Compared to a year ago where I was in bad health, depressed, and struggling to be creative and do my normal things. I had a been walking 5 days a week, and had cut down on bad for you foods. 6.  Cut down on but not cut out!!  I had increased vegetables which I did not have a great desire for. Still I had not overcome my health problems or lost the weight of 25 lbs I needed to loose. After my trip to the hospital and left my home to stay with my mom I was ready to change.  

***The reason I have numbered some items above is to explain the spiritual counter truth to these physical events.  

Number One:
Routine is a need for humans.  Animals too benefit from a regular routine.  To stay close to God we need to consistently be seeking God through His word, though our thought patterns, and taking time to be in communion with Him.  One day a week is not nearly enough.  Daily and more than once a day is better.  Not forced time but time you put into your schedule ahead of other things.  Like I learned when tithing,even though it does not make sense in the physical, it works!  When I would tithe first and although I could not possibly make the rest of the bills by doing so …… miraculously it did work out every single time.  The hours you spend with God means the rest of the day will  work out too. Just do it. 

Number two:
Sometimes we overlook the extreme importance of a persons need to be valuable.  We can think that doing everything for someone or taking over their jobs might help them is not entirely true.  Neither is taking over their responsibilities.  I saw this on my grandmother.  She did great until the day the children decided to put her in a home for elderly instead of letting her stay in her old trailer.  She had everything done for her and that took away her will to live. They meant well but the opposite was true.

We all need to be productive, that our efforts produce self value.  For example.  I loved to start up my riding mower and mow the large back yard I used to have.  It gave me a sense of accomplishment to do that.  For that old tractor would not start all the time, it was old and it was God’s help to get it going but when it did and the lawn was done I felt really good to have gotten a job done. To look at that yard all clean, nice and neat gave me a sense of value for the rest of the week.

It is the same with what I saw in my mother.  I could have insisted I cook breakfast.  But she needs that daily chore to feel value and accomplishment.  It was helping me immensely and it helped her to see she was helping me.  She was given the blessing from God of helping someone (me) and I was helped at a time when I needed her love and care to heal. 

Number three:  
Knowing the ingredients to health is a physical of knowing what we need to stay spiritually healthy.  Thoughts.  Learn to control your thoughts and you are building a foundation to contentment in all circumstances. Pray for God’s protection on your thoughts always.  Pray for your family and the family of God in this area.  For evil and darkness seeks to rob us in this area.  Satan is the prince and power of the air.  He is projecting wrong thoughts, depression etc constantly.  Sprinkle this seasoning everyday in all you do. Like the passage of being the SALT of the earth.  This is the beginning of overcoming all the daily emotions, circumstances you face.  

Number four:
Commitment even when it is not easy.  It costs me to drive 15 miles one way to exercise.  But the benefits are incalculable!  It costs me time and money every day.  But it is way worth it.  Same with choosing to follow God and believe.  BELIEVE and all things are possible!  It will cost you but you will find as I have it is way worth it!   

Number five:
God set in motion a single day each week to rest your mind and body.  That time was a single day, the 7th day and God said to rest.  We were to put our thoughts and praise on Him that day.  God made this day for our refreshing not for Him.  Jesus said the day was made for man.  He did not need that day to rest we did.  Today if you are going to set aside one day why not keep that same day God said to keep.  Did you know it is what we call Saturday not Sunday?  Look it up.  Man changed the day of worship not God.  Study and find out what God wants you to do.  It is really about time with God not so much a day but IF you are going to choose a time to worship God and rest why not choose His chosen day????  The spiritual meaning of the day of rest is a projection of the day of spiritual rest from living in this world under satan's rule to the day when Christ returns and brings a world to rest under His rule!
Then as you mature in Christ why not choose some time every single day to praise, worship and study on God’s ways????  Let every day have a portion set aside to God??  

Number six:
Finally we come to a deal breaker.  We know what is right and wrong spiritually but like me cutting out most but not all of bad foods, we might be doing the same spiritually.  We have cut out most of what we should put in our minds, our thoughts, or most of what we should act like but not all.  When will we  cut out ALL those things that are not Godly?  When we find ourselves spiritually unhealthy and wondering why, maybe we need to ask God to show what we are holding on too and cut it out of our life!  These cannot measured in a long list of laws of to do or not do but instead is a personal thing before God and you.  That is why you must ask God and listen to Him.  Keep asking until He shows you, then DO IT.   Just do what he says.  You will never regret it.  Then teach others what you have learned.  Pass it on………. 

Remember: the walk in Christ is not a one time we do it and we overcome.  It is a daily walk and daily overcoming until the time when it becomes natural to do so.  Do not be discouraged no matter how long it takes.  God will work in you His pleasure.  Yield to Him and trust.  This is a true believer.  

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