Are you feeling overwhelmed? Worried and afraid?


I was reading the book “Battlefield of the Mind devotional” by Joyce Meyer this morning.  She made this remark about her own spiritual growth:
“I’ve always been curious, always wanted to know and always wanted to figure out the answer.  Then God began to work in my life.  He showed me that my constant drive to figure it out caused me confusion and prevented me from receiving many of the things He wanted me to have.  He said, You must lay aside carnal reasoning if you expect to have discernment “
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This is exactly how I felt.  I had been obsessing over the details.  Trying to control the future and all that might happen to how I wanted it to be perfectly organized , in order, exact.  That meant over time I could not sleep.  I would be planning every step of the next day and the days after.  How to pay the bills, how to perform all the needed repairs on my house, upkeep on yard, work on my art for the next day and needs for customers the next week and month.  I wanted to be ahead of the ball and and not a moment late or short.  My brain would not shut off to rest! I was not dreaming anymore. Those weird and sometimes silly dreams are necessary to good health!

 During the day I started stressing over simple things. Like a planned trip up the hwy. Or a day to meet new people.  My nerves started to fray.  I was startled easily.  I wondered why I was so jumpy.  This control was my way of feeling secure but it was deceiving me because I was certainly not acting like I was secure.  I wondered why I was not acting like a faithful follower in Christ with this nervousness.  

I had never been afraid before.  I loved being alone with God.  But after my health scare back in August 28th I now was having anxiety attacks and yes some was my physical health.  High blood pressure, eating wrong (even after correcting many things in my diet I was still needed  drastic more cuts)  thus I had a melt down. I had lost control and I was afraid of this new feeling! Read the highlighted link above as to what happened.  I was exhausted, worn out mentally and physically.  

This was a attack from Satan because I had gotten off tract and God wanted me to grow deeper in spiritual faith.  It was Growth in spiritual wisdom, refinement and it was a attack by the darkness that rules this world- that jump started me into the rebuilding of faith in Gods strength (not in my strength) to be stronger and physically more healthy to do greater works in faith for this last part of my life then ever before in the beginning of my spiritual life.  God had touched me to greater growth.  Def. growing PAINS.  ;-)  

But now, some 5 months later, what a difference!  In spite of a serious back problem, hip and knee pain I am making huge strides both physically and more importantly spiritually.  I could not keep up my normal walking so joined the YMCA to swim. 

Note: Have you ever noticed that when you are about to grow, things are there to make the change even harder.  The physical problems that sprung up at this exact time "Knee, Hip and Back" were added weights to overcome. Like added weights a winning horse has to carry for each successful race!

I swim 30 minutes non stop three to four days a week with a sit in a jacuzzi with the jets massaging my back, knees and legs.  I am still on a strict new way of eating.  I do not eat white processed sugars, no processed white flours and just about everything I put in my mouth is organic now.  I am down 24 pounds with out dieting. 

My hair turned white a year or two ago and one spot on the back of my head turned back to black again!  I believe it is the healing of my thyroid that may be causing the hairs in that spot to return to normal.  I feel great and have way less pain in back.  I have a way to go yet.  We never achieve perfection but I am being rebuilt by God for His purpose in the days and years ahead.  I know God has given me His ways and His teaching so that I may pass on what He has taught me.  

The days ahead need many more laborers of the faith.  The people are facing unprecedented  money problems, weather disasters, anxiety, fears, terror attacks, diseases.  In the days ahead people need to hear the Hope that God alone can give.  His word should be what we speak.  His ways and His love is what we need to share.  The people need to know you cannot live according to what you want to do or how you want to without reaping the consequences.  If we want God’s protection and guidance to right living that produces good fruit it can only come from God.  He is the only answer to world peace and individual peace.  The world offers illusions to peace and success.  The choice is there for all of us to choose.  Don’t wait and be to late.  

verse from streams in desert book. Photo by b.salzano

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