Hope is the light in the Darkness!

 I was asleep when at 4am this morning, these words were in my mind.  I turned on the light and wrote them down because I know God was speaking to me.  "what I speak to you in the darkness speak to others".  Anyway after writing them down, I headed to the bathroom where all the power in the house went out.  Darkness for sure!  BLACK and could not see a thing.  As I held my hand to the walls I went to find the light.  In this case a flashlight!  By this time it was later and I needed to feed and walk the dogs.  I find this interesting as it had rained and blew hard all night here on the coast of Washington State.  But when I walked out I had the stars of heaven lighting my way.  Stars usually mean cold and no rain or clouds.  There were no clouds.  It was warm breezes.  Weird.  And greatly inspirational to me!
I came in and later the clouds returned for all the morning.  It was God teaching me a deeper message.  About the light (Jesus Christ) and how we all struggle in darkness until we see His light of His word and His way of Love.  When He calls us to walk in His light we no longer fumble in the dark places of mind, action and living.  We now can see where we are suppose to walk, live and how our thought patterns should be!  It is a huge blessing to walk in His light..  A miracle for all who have entered within.  God has told me I need greater endurance.  So I keep this in my mind and hold on to this precious message as my encouragement at this point of my life.

May God bless you and your walk.  You are important.  Never give up, keep walking in His light and ways.  The promise is yours if you Believe and have faith.  God gives that too if you ask.

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