The Human Touch....... People are starving for it

Some years ago I reset my signature to include the word, "Hugs" above my signature in emails.

Why?  Because I wanted to be more connecting than just my name.  I learned something very important after my husband died in 1984.   I was left with a baby girl and a young son.  I found later that when someone would hug me.  (I am talking the hug of friendship and caring NOT sexual hugs or touches)  That I was immediately uplifted and renewed in my outlook and it boosted my morale.

I of course was able to hug my own children and they me, but the touch of sincere caring from a adult was huge.   Even today the touch of others during the week will def. have a impact on my 'joy" for the week!

I have facilitated many groups over the years and one thing is common.  When our groups would meet or leave the ladies would hug each other.  At first I would see some felt very awkward hugging or like my background would not hug but allowed to be hugged.  Soon however you would see those same hesitant people seeking hugs and giving hugs before long.  And most importantly many would stay and look forward to our meetings not because of the content of what we talked about or did but because they craved the human touch so much that they needed to come once a week or month for them!

In my background was sexual abuse from a relative.  This with the ingredient that hampered my ability to hug.  Plus that my dad was taught from his family not to  hug. So he did not hug.  Thus I grew up with no hugs much except from my mother.  I did not think much about this.  I grew up not wanting to be touched because of those two ingredients.  Thinking hugging was for sissies or that a hug meant that person hugging could mean they just wanted sex.  This is surely a deception satan has instigated.

The human touch is vital to our children's self worth.  Hugs and reaching out to hold their hand, or touching their arm when talking to them with eye contact.  This is needed daily for kids!!  Out of love, kindness and compassion not anger, sex, or manipulative reasons.

I belive a lot of the problems teens have today is lack of sincere touch from parents.  Just look at our society.  How much time is spent in contact.  Most is through phones, emails, texts not really with others.  We do not learn to touch correctly and without sexual intent. We were created by God for human contact and love.  The sincere love of one human for another.  Contact with a hug, or touch actually has physical health benefits.  Look up "human touch/ hugs" on the internet. There are many new findings to this fact.

This is from this article
Health Benefits of Human Touch eases pain helps with infant growth enhances vital signs stabilizes body temp can communicate positivity helps provide better sleep reduces irritability increases sociability strengthens relationships strengthens immune system helps with depression increases proper digestion releases serotonin enhances a sense of well-being stimulates oxytocin – the cuddle hormone slows heart rate – lowers blood pressure lowers the stress hormone cortisol gives comfort and relieves sadness can help us feel happiness & joy releases tension & tightness helps migraine pain - See more at:

Read more at WPBeginner: Health Benefits of Human Touch

Or this article with photos is good short read:

We all need to be giving and receiving authentic hugs!  When you do not have enough hugs this can be the symptoms:
Lack of self esteem 
Feeling lonely and afraid
 Here is another article "clinical Depressions" that says in part:
The latest researches have shown that the people who are touch deprived are prone to diseases and emotional dysfunction. In nursing homes, tactile stimulation and caring touch are utilized to give patients a sense of security. In infants, those who are caressed by their parents often develop more properly than those who are not nurtured by their mothers. In one study it was found that fathers who gave their infants daily bedtime massages displayed more enjoyment and warmth with their child. In another, babies given a blood test were either swaddled in blankets or held, skin-to-skin, by their mothers. The babies being hugged had lower heart rates and cried 82% less than those left wrapped and lying in their cribs. 
Some researchers also suggest that people who are deprived of touch early in life may have a tendency toward violent or aggressive behavior later.

Let me state that nothing takes the place of loving others correctly.  Not drugs, not food, not burying ourselves in work or alcohol. God created us for relationships.  First of all a relationship with Him!  Second we are to belong and love our family.  Third is friends. Real friends.  All this is connecting. God is aware of our need because He created us. We are to love and be loved.  This needs human touch.  

I believe the touch and hugs on regular basis is what gives us the courage to face another day in a dark world of hate and greed.  I believe the touch of caring people is what will strengthen us to stand firm and courage to face the next day at work, at home and everywhere we go.  Our mental and physical bodies NEED this.  

Even having pets can help.  Hug your dog, petting your cat can help.  These are good but you still need human touch as well.  
A true story of my dad and I ,
For years we never hugged.  To my dad this was probably from a age when it was not manly for men to hug or show affection.  For me it was because #1 Dad did not hug so I did not think I should hug #2 I did not hug because of the sexual abuse when I was very small. This left me not wanting to instigate sexual affection so in my mind no touch would let me be safe.

But later after God had called me and I had grown in correct understanding of Love according to God, I decided to start hugging my dad.  At first he would stand very straight and rigid.  But I could tell he liked it!  Then gradually I could see he would actually wait to be hugged when I left or came to visit.  Soon He was giving me hugs right back. And you know what?  He would shed tears every time.  I think my dad was hugged deprived.  If you knew his story as a child you knew he was.  

Go out today and GIVE the people you love a hug.   
I urge you to be very careful who you hug and why.  But you need hugs and people need  your hugs.  but only if they are sincere and without sexual intent. 

all pictures are of my own family Not for use anywhere else without permission.  

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