I found it was the Patience of Faith........

a step further in learning about Faith

God has been teaching me since my baptism many years ago.  Every day and every year I learn more.  That is the way of all who are called by God.  Like a student who goes to 1st grade and then junior high and high school.  On to college and then from there the lessons of life are there to be taught until the day we die this physical life. 

Here is what we know about faith:
Heb 11:1  Now is Faith is the essence of things being hoped, the evidence of things not having been seen.

We are to learn that faith is not sight.  Not any physical sense we normally use.  Not what we see, not what we feel, not what we hear, or taste.  Faith is a solid belief that what we have prayed for, hope for will be.  Faith is totally believing what God says is absolute truth.  We can trust God.  Our faith is to be in God.  Hebrews 11 is the faith chapter to read more.  

In real life, I have often found my self wobble in faith.  Believing then doubting.  This is like waves of the sea and immature faith.(James. 1:6)  Hebrews 11:6 says it is impossible to please God without faith.  That we must believe that God is and that God back up His word.  

We know that the works of faith gives us patience. 

In Mark 9:23 it says, “everything is possible for him who believes”

It takes faith to believe this. Of course there are conditions to this sentence but for now lets say the conditions are met.   But even with your faith it seems ( everything you see, your current condition) is not changed.  So what is happening?  My book “Streams in the desert”  really hit me the other day (you know that light bulb moment when something you have been reading for years has a deeper more profound realization)
In the book it talks of the many areas of learning faith.  #1 the trials of faith #2 the discipline of faith #3 the patience of faith #4 the courage of faith. 

I have been frustrated recently when after believing faith that I know is according to God’s will was still not “fixed”.  Nothing seemed to get better and I kept praying, still waiting etc for many days, in some cases many months and a couple years.  Different situations of troubles.  Naturally I began to ask God to help me understand. Was I doing something wrong?  Was I asking wrong, or ???  God lead me to that #3 above.  I got it.  In prayer one day and as I read that verse I knew God had answered me. 
God was teaching me the patience of faith. That these things were not going to “fixed” in one day. Maybe many days, years etc. This was ok. I was to keep praying, waiting until God did fix it.  This was working PATIENCE in me.  This was the working of patience through faith.  
I was not doing anything wrong.  I was to keep trusting God and I was NOT to get frustrated but to keep right on doing what I was doing until God steps in.  No matter how long it takes.  Trusting and walking in Faith.  Not getting angry, or blaming someone, but just trusting and praying until God changes the circumstances.  Even when everything starts to look like God never told you that promise you keep right on believing until God tells you different.  To read more in Streams of the desert it was in the May 12th chapter.   

I have many times prayed in faith and had immediate help from God.  As I have gotten older God has not been so ready to do things quickly for me because I am needing to be stretched further in faith and patience.  This building up will help me when I may be tested more greatly in these trying days we live in.  

For we walk by Faith not by sight!  2 Co:5:7
Gal 2:16  knowing that a man is not justified by works of Law, but that it is through faith in Jesus Christ (we also believed into Christ Jesus, that we may be justified by faith in Christ and not by works of Law, because all flesh will not be justified by works of Law).

Gal 3:11  And that no one is justified by Law before God is clear because, "The just shall live by faith." Hab. 2:4
Gal 3:12  But the Law is not of faith, but, "The man doing these things shall live in them." Lev. 18:5

And Faith is a gift:
Eph 2:8  For by grace you are saved, through faith, and this not of yourselves; it is the gift of God;

Never give up on God. Trust Him through all things.  He is your rock you can depend on!

Some other examples of the four ways of learning faith that came to me:

In the Trail of faith I remember Job.

In the Discipline of faith I remember The centurion mentioned in Matthew 8

In the Patience of faith I remember Elijah waiting at the stream of Cherith and being fed by birds and still waiting even when the stream dried up until GOD said Leave and go .

In the Courage of faith I remember Daniel in the lions den and  Shadrach Meshach, and Abednego thrown into a fire. (Daniel 3) 

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