What walking with God means to me…

It means even the tiny things are to be reverenced.  The words, God, and Lord are Holy so I capitalize them always.  This means I worship Him! 

reverence |ˈrev(ə)rəns|
deep respect for someone or something: rituals showed honor and reverence for the dead.
archaic a gesture indicative of respect; a bow or curtsy: the messenger made his reverence.
• (His/Your Reverence) a title given to a member of the clergy, or used in addressing them.
verb [ with obj. ]
regard or treat with deep respect: the many divine beings reverenced by Hindu tradition.
ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French, from Latin reverentia, from revereri ‘stand in awe of’ (see revere) .

Walking with God means you will not taking His name in vain.  Cursing the name of God is wrong!   A recent speaker of God’s truths said it was interesting that all the people who claim to not believe in God are always saying His name.  “GOD, Jesus Christ”, or things of the bible like “Heaven and Hell.”  Thus if so many do not believe then why do they even use these words from the bible. 
I know why, because the word of God says that even though they deny Him they know in their souls He is God.   Study Romans 1 through the whole chapter.  

I live every day in His Rest.  To me that means that I view every day as a day to worship and think upon Him.  Not just in a morning prayer or a evening prayer but in everything I do and think about through out the day.  It means that what I would do on His Holy Sabbaths I will  now live daily.  Not abstaining from work and being a beggar for we are made to be fruitful and produce.  But that I set aside my thoughts and am allowing God to train me to be aware of Him constantly.  “how am I acting toward others in this situation,  did I listen well to God today etc”.  

Not leaving undone the day God set aside as His Sabbath.   The seventh day for those who study it is Saturday not sunday.  For in six days He created and on the seventh day he rested.  It is a day to remember all that God has done and that the beginning of knowledge started with doing all the commandments even when we like little children did not really know why or by what meaning they were for.  But after a time and when God has made it clear to us, we know that it is more than one day a week to fulfill the purpose and it is everyday to enter His rest.  It is a attitude, a way of living, a constant reverence to God and all that He is.  It is understanding WHY God made the laws and commandment and living them in willing conscious  thought and action.  Honoring the days God set aside that teach the plan of God for mankind.  Although every day can be used to Honor and Praise God!  

Walking in the Lord means that the first thing I do each morning is praise Him and expect to see and be conscious of His actions in every detail of my day.  I ask God to let me hear Him and to SEE Him involved in my life.  I am learning to acknowledge that He is behind the set backs and the successes of every day life.  For in the set backs He, out of perfect love is sculpting me to the character of reflection of righteousness and to someday be walking in real love toward Him and to others.  Not as we are now where most we do, however good it may seem is usually for selfish ambitions and self serving our own needs.  Sometimes we seek the admiration of others, the praise and attention.  Some times we want to attain attention and receive applause from men and then we find our identity in that.  Though giving is good we can give with wrong reasons.  We need to want to be a mirror and reflect back to God all praise and keep none for ourselves. 

Let me give you a example.  How often do you give to charities and purposely choose not to claim it on your taxes or purposely do it with out any one else knowing you gave?  Where you get no benefit at all? 
Ahh, but when you are growing in Christ you know that God will reward you in some way greater than the praise of man!  This is growing and entering His rest. One tiny part of it.  

Walking with God means I want to begin to answer all questions not with my opinion but with the word of God.  We can not do this unless we study to know what God’s words and ways are first.  But as we learn we should set aside our personal beliefs and start becoming as Jesus was.  A walking, talking reflection of God and God’s words and ways.  Not spouting off scripture to everyone,(that is just being self righteous most the time)
 no - just getting to the point that we live and have the answers to life's questions by answering them according to the will and way of God.   

Another example: 
I was once working with a client and the person had visited my home studio to purchase a item that I sell online.  Since selling online has expenses they “out of concern to help me of course” suggested I just sell it without going through my online presence and save myself the fees”  This item was already listed online and I could have deleted the item but I declined.  It would have been dishonest to my mind when I had it online already and the client had seen it online.  

This may seem small and unimportant to most but it is a big deal to God.  For if we cannot be honest and more like God in the small things how can He trust us with larger things? 

Am I perfect in this walk with God ? absolutely no!  I fail many times and my efforts are feeble.  But God’s word says if we surrender our will to Him,  He will make sure that in time we shall over come and be like Him.  No one on earth has ever been perfect except the one who came down and died for us.  That being Jesus Christ the son of God.  Though being fully human He never sinned in any way.  He was the perfect sacrifice.  His blood alone could pay our sin debts and make it so we can come to God and be His children. 

This brings up the subject that our efforts fail.  But His never do.  All we bring to the table of following God and overcoming is our own will.  We must be willing to give our will, (our ideas of right and wrong) and follow God’s truths of what is right and wrong for us and humanity. 
God provides a long and sometimes tedious path of circumstances where if we do not quit and trust Him will sculpt the character we desire to be like Him.  It is a lifetime of trusting and walking through dark times and trials to attain the perfection we see in God.  It will not happen quickly.  It will not happen completely until we are resurrected into spirit like God.  That is why we are called “Children of God.”
We do not grow up until the resurrection and only if we have  surrendered  our will and lives to God.  Accepting His ways of living.  His way is perfect and is everything that real love entails. 

Walking with God means that I am the pupil and He is the teacher.  That I am the child and He is the parent and I am the clay and He is the sculptor.   He is GOD and I am one of many children with potential to be a spirit being living and creating in His new Kingdom to come.  

I can not understand that anyone who ever really surrendered and who really knows God could ever then turn and go back to darkness of their lives before.  For those who have, it has been because they never really knew Him!  It could have been through the deception of Satan or a broken mind but once God heals you and you live in His perfect love going back to your own life is like a dog returning to eat his own vomit.  (proverbs 26:11) 

Walking with God since my baptism in 1979 I have found all my needs always cared for. For He is always faithful.  Not all my wants but all my needs.  I am lifted up when I am down, I am inspired and I am carried.  I am taught and I am loved beyond measure.  I am fulfilled and not left wanting.  I am healed and I am carried. Yes indeed He is always faithful to fulfill His purpose.

 I have learned faith when I go to a physician (for one must have faith when you go to them and when you do not)
For some say you have no faith to see a doctor and other say you only have faith when you do.  This is not correct.  It is having faith to see a doctor for they only know what men know.  But it is faith to trust God that while you are there He will direct what they do to you.  But it is also faith to not go to a doctor but only for those who God has given great faith to only let God do His will.  So I am not here to say one should go to doctors or not but to always have faith in God first! I fear most put their faith in physicians today  and NOT in God.

I learned that recently actually.  It was brought about by God when for years I had faith God would help me care for my dogs with just using herbal means.  And it worked for many years.  But then came a time when the fleas got so bad I could not keep them off the dogs and I was anxious and kept asking God why?  Why was God not helping me now when I was doing the same as before.  After a time I heard God press upon my mind that I was to have faith  while I gave them the flea medications that He would keep them healthy in spite of it.  So even today I am now giving them the horrid stuff but trusting the dogs health to God who is life.  Why would God do this?  To make sure my faith is in Him and not in my self sufficiency of herbal means.  Oh yes, we can get caught up in our own “perfections” of life.  

So walking with God means He is in control and He will change our circumstances as He sees fit for our correct growth.  IF we allow him in constant surrender of our will and ways.  Walking with God means being willing to change direction when called to do so. It may mean to change a job and take a lower paying one.  Or maybe that you are to be self employed.  That is a real walk on water!  But just make sure you are listening correctly to God and watching and being aware of how He is working around you.  He is aways talking to us if we take the time to listen.  

Walking with God means taking time like the sabbath day to be quiet and listen.  To pray and listen and do it again and a again.  It is a lot of waiting.  sometimes it is quick action but mostly it is waiting patiently.  It is not the DAY it is the purpose of taking one day out of seven to be communing with God.  That is the min. to growth.  Later you will find that taking everyday through out the day communing with God is even better for growth.  For what you put your most time and effort in is what you grow in wisdom about.  

That is just a few way I walk with God.  It has brought me great peace, joy and purpose.  It has helped me through many gale storms in life too!  It will help you always.  If you turn your life to God.  If you stay with God and never quit.  

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