Passover….what does it mean to those who who are not Jewish?

Every thing!  I was pondering the things I have studied of late in books, on the internet, and of course the bible.  There are always great controversy of exact facts between all groups. I have been studying every single day since I was called and baptized in 1979.
 But what about you?  Maybe you are a non believer in God and Jesus Christ.  What does it matter to you to even read about Passover.  Does it affect your life?  

Yes it does.  Directly or indirectly it does.  Wether you decide to understand it is wether you are presented with the information and wether you want to understand it.  It is always your choice. 

Maybe you are a believer in God and go to church every week but you call it Easter.  Does Passover have a place in your knowledge?   What is the difference between Easter and Passover anyway?  They both are suppose to represent the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.   And by the way Jesus Christ is not a first name and last name.  Jesus was his earthly name but he is our Christ. 

What does Jesus (the word) mean? 
“The New Testament was written in Greek, and the name "Jesus" here means the same in Greek as the Hebrew name "Joshua." "Joshua" means literally God is salvation. “  from the article The Meaning of the Name 'Jesus Christ'
and from same article
The Meaning of "Christ"
What about the second part of the name "Jesus Christ"? What does the word "Christ" mean? Actually, it isn't so much a proper name as it is a title. "Christ" comes from the Greek word Christos, meaning "anointed." Its meaning is the same as the Hebrew word Messiah (John:1:41
He first findeth his own brother Simon, and saith unto him, We have found the Messias, which is, being interpreted, the Christ.
). They both mean "anointed" or "anointed one.”

I choose this article because I have found this group to be very accurate in their teachings on doctrine according the word of God. No church group has all truth.  To bad they can not all get together and combine their knowledge according to God’s word for unity . Christ is not a divider of truth but a unifier because He is absolute truth. 

Back to Passover.  It is pretty common knowledge among believers, christians, followers of Christ that passover was instituted by God to the children of Israel back in the days when they were held in bondage to Egypt and God sent a deliverermoses, to come and take them out of bondage. During this time  God told the Israelites to kill a lamb and brush the blood on the doorposts one night.  This was because the death angel was going to come and would PASS OVER only those in the houses that followed directions.  If they did not, then the first born of all households would die.  Of course we know from the event that the Pharaohs son died that night and that was when he let the children of God leave.  WHY?

The Reason this is IMPORTANT to you wether you believe or not is because it effects your life now and in the future.  

The lamb dying was a analogy of someone who would be perfect and unblemished of sin. A DELIVERER He would pay the HUGE sin debt of all humanity by dying a tortuous death for us.  All of us.  Not just the Israelites. But all humans that would be born on this earth till Christ returned. For unless we accept this knowledge and act on it we are all under the death penalty.  We -like all the first born who died that night will die to never live again.  But because of the one who paid our sin, we are redeemed of our sin and brought back to potential sons and daughters of God IF we answer the call of God and want to live a way of life that God shows us.  We can die and live again!!  This is huge!
It is a simple way of love toward God and Love toward all human beings.  This way of love is a way to think and act in love.  Love is not what this world calls love.  This world assumes love is sexual.  Godly love is not about  sex.  That is a different topic for later.  

God way is GOD’s Way.  Not our opinions, our idea of right and wrong GOD’s way is the only way because He is everything!  He alone is perfect!
We all need to be delivered from the bondage we have to sin.  Sin is the transgression of God’s way of living in Love.  God has a purpose for all mankind. He laid out a system of laws and commandments that were to point humanity to the right path.  By surrendering to the laws and commandments the people are to grow in understanding by DOING these things until they can comprehend the fullness of Christ's purpose. (Christ came to fulfill the law) Let me give you a example:

When my children were small I would take a 30 to 45 minute time during the day, every day to have them sit on a blanket on the floor and be quiet.  They could play with their toys but they were not to speak or throw tantrums.  They were to learn self control and be quiet for a small amount of time. I gradually increased this to one hour.   Why?
Because I wanted them to learn #1. they could sit quietly at church #2. so that they would sit quietly whenever I told them to in public (like restaurants etc) or at home while I was one the phone or something
*But overall so they would grow up knowing  that sometimes we need to have self control and be quiet in public and hold our tongues and listen.  Being respectful WHY? because this is for their good and the good of all those who they are around! 

Did they understand this at first  when they were 1, 2 or three years old?  no.  But as adults now they are respectful and valued members of society. Part of that is because I taught them some basic actions of God's Love before they understood the why.  

God gave the Israelites rules and regulations to follow.  They were , as we are little children who need these in order to grow mentally in the spiritual things.  However, you should not be a adult and still needing the milk toast in understanding!  

My grown kids do not need to sit on blanket on the floor to listen to me or if they are in a meeting need to sit on a blanket on the floor to listen and be respectful.  They understand that in a meeting they are to listen and give informative information, taking turns in the conversation and having control over their emotions .  They have grown in understanding.  

HAVE WE?   I wonder.  I understand those who do not yet understand the reason for Christ's death.  They are yet little children in understanding and need to grow but what about all the church members who have been attending forever ? 

Do we even study?  Why all the dissent over exactly what day to worship the death and resurrection of Christ and what to call it when we do not even follow the ways He taught us to do?  Do we steal still, lie to one another, commit adultery, cheat, dishonor God?   And how come we do not even yet understand WHY THOSE THINGS SHOULD NOT BE? 

HOLY?  We do not even understand the full meaning of God’s HOLY Character and how everything He does is HOLY and What that entails.  

Listen, it is not about the exact day. It is about WHY the day! Do you think God wants us to get the exact day right for passover or to change our behavior?  What is more import ?  And why do we call it Easter? a name of some old time pagan god?  Read this article Would Jesus Christ Celebrate Easter?

Lets call it what God called it and instead of facing the sun like the old pagans did why not remember it on the days The Jews are celebrating it because they have pretty much kept track.  But do not forget why we are acknowledging and praising God for this time.  These days are showing us the plan of God! (BTW all people not just the tribe of Judah are children of God) 
 A time of Christ's return and ushering in a new World where all will dwell in peace and plenty!!  A time when God shall rein with His truth, Love and peace.  And that is only the beginning!!  He has plans for much more, throughout the whole universe!  If you do not know what that plan is , why don't you??? 

If and when you find out it will change your life 190 degrees and you will not keep going down the same old path of destruction.  You will change because you will know the value of change and you will WANT to change for your own sake, your children sake and because you want to really live.  Full of joy and purpose.  You will want to be healed and find success.  You want to smile again and get rid of hate, anger and resentment.  We are in bondage as long as we stay in our old way of thinking and acting.  Time is running out.  We need to be sure of what we are doing and why.  
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