What are you?

I was walking out of  the grocery store when a young boy in a shopping cart yells out, HI!  So I turned and said hello .  As he looks at me and says, “What are you?”
pic of my nephew Joshua when he was a toddler

Caught off guard by the remark I say, I don’t know what am I?  trying to see where his thinking was from.  But the dad hushed him up and I just smiled and walk away.  Kids are honest and genuine at that young age.  He could have mixed up his words and meant who are you, like what my name was or my pure white hair might be something he was not used to seeing.  

I thought it brings a great question.  Who are you?  Do you know who you are and why you were born?  What is your value and what do you stand on.  Yes, who are you!  

If adult would ask me who I am I would say I am a child of the Living God first and foremost.  But I am also a artist, a mother, a daughter, a wife and a sister.  I am a human being in a world of millions.  But a child of God is most important to my identity.  I belong to the God of all the universe who loves me more than I can understand at this time. 

 I do understand that everything He does and allows for me is what is best for the moment.  That I am destined for greater things then what I see and know now. I have a future and hope and it will not be taken from me.  Why?  Because I believe and I have surrendered  my life and my thoughts to follow God’s.  I am not perfect as is no human on earth.  I am a child like that child in the shopping cart.  Learning and growing every day.  I know my purpose now and a glimpse of my purpose after death.  I know I have value.  

Do you? If not, today is the day to find out.  God alone can teach you.  Once you sincerely want to understand and give yourself to Him you can start the journey that will give you a foundation of knowledge and truth to stand on.  No matter what life throws at you , you will then have the purpose you need to face all things and overcome all things through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!  

Yes in deed, Just who are you?  
This is me today.  Last year I lost all my hair. It happened within a few months.  Fell out by patches and in its place God has given me pure white hair!  It was hard to be without hair for awhile but I am loving the white better than the brown/silver I had before.  ;-)  

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