Why is the sex trafficking of our children on the rise?

When I was a young teen, I remember how I acted and felt.  I did not know then what I know now. 

I just watched a PBS Video on human sex trafficking in the USA.  It is called “a path appears” 
Episode 1: 
"Sex Trafficking in the USA" Episode 1 focuses on survivors trafficked into a life of prostitution in the U.S., as well as effective programs that combat commercial sexual exploitation and restore lives. Nicholas Kristof joins Ashley Judd, Blake Lively, and Malin Akerman in Nashville, Boston, and Chicago to illuminate the widespread existence of crimes happening in our own backyard.

This video brought out a shocking reality.  It had one women state that the number one way most sex pimps get their girls is to go to a mall or similar place and watch the people for one girl walking alone.  She said this guy told her he would go up to that lone girl and say, “you have beautiful eyes (or something like that) and if she looked him square in the eyes said thank you and walked away she was not the target.  But the one that looks DOWN AT HER SHOES and shook her head no  was a easy make and he already had her.  

I was that girl.  I had low self esteem.  I remember one time being alone waiting for friends in a parking lot when a guy approached me.  We had been to a dance and some people were waiting. This guy asked me if I  wanted a job dancing and was very faltering about how I looked and danced.  He gave me a address to come too a building in town and walked away.  I wanted to dance and he made it sound perfectly innocent.  Good pay and fun.  But because I would never go into a building alone I never did go.  God was there for me that day long ago or I might have disappeared and never got home again.  

Today these sex traffickers prey while on the internet a lot.  Luring young girls who are looking for a “family” or “love” or to feel good about themselves because of their home situation are ripe to take advantage of.  When you watch the video you realize that the place they come from is lacking some vital ingredients to healthy self esteem or worth.  It can be a rich home or a poor one.  It depends on the parents.  If love is not shown at home and that important quality of worth to family- one can inadvertently create a daughter ripe for this trade.  

The video also points out that instead of condemning the victims and always targeting them to arrest,  the target needs to be the pimps and traffickers running these businesses. Men need to make other men ashamed to be part of things like this. But remember some women get involved too for greed of money and because they may be warped in any moral character from past lives too. 
 The girls (although the video did not touch on it, could be young boys too) are completely deceived and will not turn in their “family” or pimps.  They live in a false reality that this person or persons care for them.  Mental slaves they are.  It is a horrible horrible crime against humans.  

We can not save the world.  But everyone can do their part better.  In your own family and extended family reach out to your own daughters, nieces and friends of family.  Show Godly love to them.  SPEAK love to them.  Tell them how precious they are.  Treat them with respect and patience.  This has to be done daily, weekly around the clock.  Teaching someone how you value them is not done by buying them lots of stuff.  It is done by quality time together. 
My dad, Mom and me

Speak often of the dangers in their teen world.   Even your young children need to be taught of hidden dangers in the world.  Sad that we must do this but it is imperative.  Our children are like little lambs in a world of wolves.  The wolves are ready to step in any moment we let down.  Keep them close.  But do not do as one lady did in the movie who was so strict and demanding she drove her daughter into the wolves lair.  

Remember this lesson my dad learned with sheep.  He had always had cows and cows are “rounded up” or drove by getting behind them and pushing them forward  to where you want to go. Later in his life he decided to raise sheep. 
 But sheep are different.  You by yourself cannot drive sheep easily.  They tend to scatter and leap all over the place .  BUT if you get a little grain, and call the sheep nicely they will follow you anywhere!  Soon your voice can call and they come and follow you because they trust you.  
Dad with his bucket of grain.  

Be a faithful Shepard  to your children.  Loving them, being honest to them and respectful.  They will trust you and do what you ask most the time because of trust not because of you yelling or esp because of your indifference to their lives.  We parents can easily get too involved in our own business, work, friends and think our young teens are fine on their own.  They are not!  They cannot survive without your companionship for many years.  Your interest in what they doing and what they like.  Their views on life needs your input.  Not dictatorship but your attention. Going to see they perform in school functions, music, art or sports.  Be their fan club!

I would hug and tell my children how precious they were.  Not once but regularly.  I taught them the plan of God and that they were intricate in that plan and chosen for great things.  I taught them they had a responsibility to help our family and to love others.  We looked out for each other.  Isn’t that what all humans want?  To know you are loved unconditionally and that someone has your back.  Someone will stand up for you.  Someone is always there to talk to you and laugh with you?  A hero can be your parents.  Could be a grandparent.  Or Aunt or uncle. If you teach about God, your children will always have the perfect hero… GOD.  Who never fails us and is always with us.  I pray we can learn to parent well.  Learn from God.  He teaches how through His word and how He cares for us that trust Him.  

So why is the sex trafficking on the rise?  Because we, as a nation have left behind the ways of God's Love.  We do not live or learn to love each other in the right way.  Just the word LOVE is misunderstood.  The first thing a person who does not know God  thinks when the word love is mentioned is SEX.  Love is not sex. Just because someone wants to have sex with you does not mean they really love you.  Sex is part of a healthy relationship of love but NOT LOVE by itself.  Greed, lust and perversion of humans is from satan and his way to destroy the children of earth.  These people trafficking are in it for money.  For the lust of the flesh with no regard to the pain and suffering of the children and human beings they inflict so much pain upon.  Like sheep to the slaughter, our kids are flocking to this horrible life. Real Love never inflicts harm and abuse on the one they love for personal gain like these people are doing.

If you have been abused and used.  God loves you and is waiting for you to ask Him into your life.  He will not intrude on your life unless you ask.  He is near to all who call on His Almighty and All loving Name.  Jesus Christ we call on you to help us understand what is the width and length of your love.  
To show that love -that real love of caring to others. 

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