What a Newborn Baby Teaches Us!

  What a Newborn Baby teaches us 

January 3rd 

A new born baby can teach us many things about who we are and who is God.

A new born human baby is born and excitement is everywhere of their arrival to the world.  The first breath and cry creates wonder and joy to all in attendance!  They are cut off from the cord to the womb where they can not return.  They must grow and transform into adults. 

The baby has eyes to see but no knowledge what they are seeing.
The baby has tiny toes, fingers, feet and hands but can not stand up, move or purposely grab things to feed it self or walk.
The baby has ears but has no knowledge what it is hearing. 
It has a mouth and can utter noise but can not communicate with others of its kind. 
It can poop and pee but can not clean itself up

In fact if this baby is not completely cared for it will cease to exist in a short time. It must be fed, clothed, cleaned.  It needs to be held, comforted, and taught.  This baby is completely helpless. 
©brendasalzano My son Richard 

Although it looks like a miniature version of its human parents it can not survive without adult care around the clock. 

Every human is born as a new born baby like this.  A life or death need for someone greater than themselves to care for their every need.  It has life but cannot live unless cared for and taught the correct way to live. Their is a huge difference between being alive and living a life. 

Thus we have our lesson.  We are the baby and unless we accept the care and teaching of the Creator our God we are like dead and will die a permanent death.  We must learn to see through spiritual eyes.  We must hear the meaning of God’s speech through spirit led ears.  We must imitate our parent our spiritual Father and Christ our Savior.  Once we understand our complete need for His provision in all ways…  
Food-His word 
Walking-doing things according to His ways 
Seeing-His miracles everyday and His Grand Purpose for man kind 
Hearing-Knowing his voice over the worlds and over our will  
and as for cleaning us up from all the dirt we get over ourselves through sin and willful mistakes, Christ died a horrible death to clean us.  HIS life and blood covers us and makes us new every day to those who believe and live in imitation to His life. 

The extreme needs of comfort, provision and protection is also a lesson to learn.  When we are young, we are so bold to think we do not need anyone to care for us.  I believe one of the reasons we age is to learn that we are fragile.  Soon all the physical strength and the mental knowledge starts to wain.  Clearly we were not so strong, or wise back in the days of our youth.  We ate the wrong foods, we used our bodies in ways that cause us much pain now, and we listened to the wrong advice and spoke without wisdom.  But God does all these for us IF we let Him.  We let Him protect us, provide for us when we Listen and Head His teaching and ways.  We can do our own thing and take care of ourselves or we can have the Almighty, All knowing GOD miraculously take care of our needs.  
The choice is clear to me!  

God is speaking but are you listening and willing to learn? 
©my granddaughter

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