What is your leadership style?

Jan 4,2015

A number of years ago I decided to take a class at the college on sculpting and pottery.  I had been a acrylic artist for years but love the idea of using clay as a medium.  In this class I was very blessed to have a teacher who taught differently then most.  

She taught how to use  the tools, and during our first sessions gave tips and facts she learned over her long career with earth clay sculpting.  The best thing she taught  was how NOT to do it just like she did.  She had the wisdom to give us a good foundation, be there to help when we got stuck but she let us find our way. She taught us how to SEE when the sculpture was incorrect.   Let me give you a example:

We were to sculpt a persons head.  We already at this point knew how to prepare the clay, we knew what tools to have on hand and how to use them and we had  model to look at.  We knew hot to watch for pockets of air in the clay that would explode.  Next, she just said start. 
 She did also show us how to build over a paper mold. But the process of how to get from a idea to sculpture of head was up to us.  Some would use the round clay build up process.  This is where every part of the head is done in round clay ball first.  Others like myself would apply the clay in one large egg shape and then start “sculpting” the details to match the model.  Each artist went about the completion a bit different.  But that is the most important lesson.  

By teaching this way instead of following her exact step by step method was that we become masters of sculpture in our own style and not just a duplicate of her style.  

This is KEY to what God wants of us!  We are not to be robots. God wants individuals exhibiting their own personality and speech that will communicate with Him.  Does not the creation of all the things on the earth show you how much He loves Originals?  How diverse and unique God creates?

 In my years I have seen church groups become carbon copies of the group mentality.  You can see it in other relationships as well.  For instance a couple who have been married a very long time will end up speaking the same, their faces will even reflect emotion similar and acting the same.  This is not a bad thing.  Unless one party who never used to curse now curses the same as the other.  Or picks up some other wrong behavior.
Spiritually we hope to become more and more like Christ through constant communion and imitating how Christ acted.  But if this convergence of style, reflection is not inline with the laws of Holiness and Godly love then it is wrong. 

The warning is to notice when it is not more like Christ and becomes a “pack” mentality.  

One thing I personally see is the group who take on the speech reflection of a sing song voice. This has been going on for some time in churches.  The voice is not normal it takes on a dramatic whisper with overly emotion with a almost  stage like acting.  People do not talk like that at home or at work.  Why do it at church when speaking to the church group?  Personally I find it irritating and takes away what may be a very useful sermon.   It does not come across as genuine to new believers.  But that is just my opinion.  

My point is all leaders of the way of God need to be aware of not teaching your way of doing things but instead give your followers the tools, the foundation of Christ and let God teach them the rest in their way.  All parents are leaders to their children.  Believers are leaders to their extended family in the ways of Christ.  Know the tools and the principles of the law of Love from God’s examples.  But let the people learn in their own individual style.   This is hard to explain and I do not want any to believe you can follow God just any way you want.  If anything is against the laws of His Righteousness that it is wrong.  Sin is Sin.  But follow and have the kind of relationship with God that makes you genuine in faith.   

Walking in Faith is not a act!  Many people go to church and are experts at acting.  The outward appearance is just as it says,” Appearance”  .  This is not the sure reality of the intent of a persons heart.  The act may be sincere and that is between God and man.  No one can know your true intent but you and God.  Still we need to speak with genuine reflection of love as Christ did.  Do not think that if you act a certain way it makes you more “godly”.  It does not.  examine yourself to see what is in your heart.  You must pray for God to show you this because you may not even know what you are acting like. 

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