The end of Anxiety.....

Cast ALL your cares up on the Lord and you will find peace!  I have come a long way to overcoming anxiety but it is not a one time fix.  We are human and unless we battle wrong thought patterns over Godly ones we shall succumb to constant daily anxiety.

There are millions of things to worry about.  Our kids, our income, our home repairs, having a home, etc etc etc. I find I must be in constant battle with my "what if's"  BUT, I also have found through years of experience that when I first take all my concerns to the Rock.  (Jesus Christ) and confess all my worries in prayer, then SET my mind to not think about them the rest of the day or until the next time alone with God that I am free of worry!  If one thought starts pondering what I already gave to God , I purposely trash it from my mind and force my mind to think of something else.  I change the thought conversation to what is useful and helpful and what I can do.  For all my worries are things I have no control over.  So why destroy my physical health as well as my relationship with God who CAN fix it?

Yes we can cut ourselves off from communication with God if we continue to act in UnBELIEF by going around day after day in anxiety and worry over what only God can solve for us.

Take a deep breath and let God bare this burden from this day forth!  Daily let God handle your concerns and TRUST HIM!

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