Sons of God or Son of Man?

So who are these sons of God and why are they different from sons of men?  

©salzano  "fog at marina on oregon coast"

Genesis 6:
 When men became many in number on the earth, and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful. And they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose. Then the Lord said, “My Spirit will not stay in man forever, for he is flesh. But yet he will live for 120 years.” Very large men were on the earth in those days, and later also, when the sons of God lived with the daughters of men, who gave birth to their children. These were the powerful men of long ago, men of much strength.

There are some who have believed and wrote that the sons of God were angels or spirit beings.  There is nothing in the bible to uphold this view.  But instead, I see that the sons of God are the sons that God had made Himself known to and taught some of His basic ways.  The sons of man are just that.  Men who know not the ways of God.  It is simply saying that some of the sons of God decided to take for themselves some of the daughters of men that knew not God.  Something that later in the bible God distinctly says for His followers not to do.  For to Marry or take as a mate someone who does not believe as a faithful follower of God’s ways is to bring disaster to the union. “for if two walk together and be not agreed….” It is just common sense that if you are a passionate follower of Christ, that if you marry someone who is not, that you will have a troubled union.  

The sons of men were and are those who idolize false gods and themselves.  They know not nor do they want to know and/or follow God .  Their daughters would have been the same. 
Jesus told his apostles and to the leaders of that day, that when we (any true believer and follower of Christ) were born again changed into a spirit being at the resurrection there is no marriage or union between men and women.  Meaning spirit beings have no need for physical union (intercourse)  
Once you understand the simple  Gospel message of Jesus Christ you will see that this idea of Angels coming down to have sex with physical women is a human mans idea, not from God. 

As for the verse about God deciding how long man should live “120” years.  Remember that up to now man was living way long!  Like over 400 years!  God’s spirit was put into Adam and for a number of generations this must have super charged humans to live a LONG time.  But here God has put a limit of the number of years each human would live.  Give or take a few because of all kinds of circumstances of course.  There was a time when most men lived no more than 50!  Now we are living a average in countries of lots of food, and health care to around 75.  

In verse four it talks about Large Men.  Giants, or one word is Nephalim.  
(you can read what wikipedia has on that word and that is where the angel story of them having sex with the women on earth come from)They (giants) were intermarrying with others also.  I would suppose the giant that David fought was one of these large powerful men.  

The main point to keep in mind is why God made man, His purpose, His plan for the future.  Unless one learns that, you cannot understand the scriptures and base your limited understanding to just a few paragraphs here and there. You can not understand the word of God and the plan for mankind unless the Holy Spirit is leading and guiding your mind.  God must put His Spirit IN you for you to understand.  “Unless the Father draw Him”  “through Christ one must come”.  It is not understood by someone who has no real desire to understand or change their ways.  This is why the TRUTh makes one free!  When God opens your eyes to understand you quit falling for every fable and falsehood satan and man come up with.   

God alone can teach you.  He is never far from anyone who truly wants and seeks His ways and His truths.  Don't take my word for it, find out by seeking God.  He will teach you.  And you will never regret it.  That is a fact.      

©salzano taken along the Oregon Coast near Florence Oregon

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