It is all about Time.......

Photo I took of horses in eastern oregon ©brendasalzano

How do you spend your time?  As you get older you will wonder where the years went.  What did I accomplish?  Did I make a difference?  And when you are young you are so busy you find it hard to fit into one day all the things you have to do and what you want to do.  At least it seems that way.

Just like planning a budget is imperative, we also need to take stock of where we spend our time.  This does not have to be a hard line of exactness but just take the time today to see where you spend your time.
Here is a simple hand drawn circle example you can do.  Take the circle and divide it into how many waking hours you have in a day.  Then after jotting down your day hour by hour put in three or more categories of what takes up your time.

I have written down Recreational.  Which covers TV, walking, reading a newspaper, going out for coffee etc. God where I study, pray, listen to sermons, throughout the day. and last Work. I work at home and this includes lots of items like making my products, photographing my products, social media, shipping etc Any thing to do with making a living. And anything like cleaning the house and caring for my pets. The tiny sliver in the circle is times I add a moment to pray or do something in my faith walk at work or while doing something recreational.  

Since God in the old testament commanded the people to tithe 10 percent of their income to Him, I believe it is safe to say that devoting a min. of 10 percent of your time toward God every day is a good place to start. This would be praying, studying, reading and attending church or anything that increases your time with God and your knowledge of His word and His ways.

Remember as you take stock of your time today, it is not a hard line that you have to pray so many hours a day or any of that legalistic thinking.  The purpose is to find out if you are in need to adjust how much time you spend on things that will not matter 10 years from now to things that will matter in your life tomorrow.  Any time spent sincerely seeking God and walking with Him, learning about Him and what He wants for you is worth more than any time playing games, watching tv, or just shopping on the internet.  None of these are bad. They become wrong habits if we do it too much and everyday.

I see where I can improve and we all can in some way.  A new year, A new adjustment to how we spend our time.  I want to improve in how much time I spend helping others. (part of my GOD category)
One of my dogs, Mia.  Time to her is about food, and watching tv.   ;-)  ©brendasalzano

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