Alpha / Omega and Pack Leader analogy.....

Me with Cookie my daughters sheltie and Amber my corgi. Years ago. Both dogs are dead now after living long lives.

Growing up I was always around animals.  Mostly dogs and cats but also horses, cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, goats and a few other critters.  Being the first child meant that the family dog was my companion and friend for the first few years.  I was the type of child that was more quiet and observed.  I learned that animals communicate a type of language of their own.  For instance a sheep or goat will face you and stomp one foot as a warning to back off.  A dog with lowered head facing you and staring at you is a warning.

I have admired the dog expert Cesar Millan on tv and utube videos.  He is the first man I have ever watched that really knows dogs.  Most people do not understand the mind of dogs.  God has given Cesar a great gift to see and understand dog behavior.  

I have always understood that “alpha” means being a leader to a dog or any animal actually.  But never connected the words needed to teach others.  There is a deep and wonderful analogy between the things Cesar teaches people about dealing with dogs and How God relates to us.  

Let me start with the basics.  Alpha means First or Number one.  In the dog world or dog pack either in wild or in your own home pack, One needs to be Alpha.  If you are not alpha the dog will step up to be alpha or boss.  One has to lead. In family -one needs to lead.  If mom and or dad do not lead then the kids will be out of control in their emotions and actions.  This leader sets the pace and energy of the pack or family.  Dogs or kids will claim their spots in the house and out If someone is not alpha, they  will be.  Children and dogs need someone who is a strong leader. 

Let me make note here right now that being leader does not mean being a taskmaster or power hungry tyrant!  Leader by the name itself means:
 leader |ˈlēdər| noun
1 the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country:
It means leading, not pushing, beating, intimidation!

With God, He is Number One in the family. Christ said, He is Alpha and Omega! The beginning and the end.
 God is Provider, the one who sets rules and boundaries, protector, healer, and teacher. He leads with perfect love.  Love will want what is best for those he leads. Leader is someone that cares for and give his best for those he leads. 

Cesar brings out some very interesting points to help  people understand some things. ALL of the people I have watched that need  the most help do these things wrong with their dog. 
 #1 They let their dogs lead when out walking.  
#2 They let dog have full run of house without any boundaries and rules.  Like sleeping on the bed with humans, or on the couch, etc.  
#3 humans let dogs jump on them

In number one, dog is basically leading you , you are letting the dog be pack leader.  When dog is pack leader he will be pulling on the leash and taking you where he wants to go and acting as he wants to act.  
Number 2 and 3 are lack of proper rules and boundaries

Dogs will nip the owners if enough lack of leadership is in the home.  The dog may attack other dogs or people or cause tension and anxiety.  Where as in mere moments when Cesar takes the lead of that same dog and by his posture and calm assertiveness He becomes pack leader and dog becomes quiet and submissive. Which equals a happy calm dog walking with human.  First by making sure the dog walks behind him instead of out in front of him.  LEAD is position of Alpha. Leader directs the way.  His pace, his way. 

Once we as humans learn to trust and follow God we too get rid of anxiety and anger.  We too become calm and submissive because now the responsibility to protect, provide for and take care of ourselves is gone and now God is allowed to do that.  We step behind God and let Him take the reins of our life.  He will direct where we go, when we go and come .    He provides what we need when we need and even decides what we need.  We become quiet and actually start to enjoy life again!  We can be happy and find uplifting things to do with our time instead of the other depressing and chaotic things we were doing.  

Just like the dog at first is lunging on the lead, growling at other dogs, even biting the owner in apprehension, nervous energy and turmoil.  When in the hands of the proper Alpha owner, dog becomes like a pup again and starts to play and enjoys other dogs, and people.  And all along all the owner had to do was step up to being alpha and take over as the leader of dog.
Staci, Mia and Schala on the couch at our invitation only!  

Dog and God are the same letters if you turn the letters around. Since I believe God does not do anything without a reason I wonder if He did make the word dog to teach us more about himself.  People the world over have learned that the dog is the most faithful of all animal companions.  They are always glad to see you.  They want to be near you 24-7.  They want to follow you everywhere and know what you are doing.  Even when you are crabby and cross they adore you.  Endless joy just to be with you.  

Once we fully understand the love of God to us we are going to find out His endless love for us.  When we understand He alone is ALPHA we can again find joy and great happiness and anticipation to live! He loves to know what we love and what we do. He is always there for us and never wants anything but the best for us. He waits for us when we are distant from Him and always ready to listen.
Kati Kitty belongs to my mom. Cats are not dogs. They do not see you or anyone as leader.  You are there to provide food when they want and what they want.  hahahahahah  

This is mom with her dog poppy.  Poppy came to mom after dad died. She is the perfect furry companion for her.

 But wait…. What about the Omega part?  This is another  great God thing.  God not only is HEAD but God as Alpha sent his son to be a human on earth and die a horrible death to prove His Love to us. Paying all our sin debts in FULL.  Making it possible to have you as a son or daughter to the great God (Alpha) and saying He will go before you as leader and not only that He brings up the rear in protecting you from the past or what may be coming up from behind!  He has no beginning and no end. God is forever and He has a HUGE plan for mankind.  For those who bow before Him and worship , trust and follow Him as God. As Leader , protector, provider, teacher, healer and all things He will bring you to himself as a spiritual child of His own one day.  Once you die, you will be resurrected to a spirit being that though not human any more you will look like you are (only renewed) and made of spirit.  You will be ushered into a new life of untold opportunities in a new kingdom coming soon at Christ's return.  And in time all the new children of God will begin the renewing of all the universe!  Creating and making dead planets into worlds of utopia we can only can glimpse narrowly now.  Not only renewing the dying and dead areas of the world we call earth now but all planets as God directs us in a time of the future known only to God.  

But I believe Omega also means He alone can end all things.  For those who will not accept God as leader and provider. Who refuse after knowing God and His love. God will end that life.  There will be no more life for that person who chooses a life of sin and rebellion.  They have chosen death and not life by their own will and how they live.  They refuse to love others and hate God.  They will not have God as their Alpha and refuse His love.  They will die for eternity.  Not ever being alive again.  No to see or hear or feel. They will be as if they never were.  

Choose life and choose to follow your Alpha Jesus Christ who knows you and loves you.  submit your ways to His and find true fulfillment and purpose now and for ever more.  

Here are more photos of pets in my life:

These two were in the mall one day.  Just could not resist taking their pics in the stroller.

My daughters dog as a pup and not thrilled about a bath

A very young teen "me" on one of my horses I raised and trained at 15 years old. 

A heart breaking time when we had to say good bye to Cookie.  She has massive cancer and we gathered to give her our last hugs and goodbye.  We all remember her well.  We helped her into the world and we helped her die peacefully. 

one of my current dogs staci with a attitude of play

my kids with a favorite husky lab mix called oaky. A long time ago.  A wise dog and great member of our pack!

This is my youngest dog currently.  A two year old corgi who is my walking companion everywhere.   I have three dogs and they do keep my life on schedule! 

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