Who was George Muller of the 1800's? A man of Great Faith!

Every Year I reread the Book "Streams in the Desert".  It is a devotional of great value to me.  

And one name always stood out of its contributors:
 - George Muller.  His quotes in the book speak of a man with Great Faith.  Not little faith but great!  So I have been online searching more about him.  I found a great site with much about him and his writings.  (link directly below and above the picture of George Muller)

Excerpt from "An Hour with George Muller" edited by A. Sims  Posted by Christian Biography Resources online.  (click this link to read the whole post)

"You have always found the Lord faithful to His promise, Mr. Muller?"
"Always! He has never failed me! For nearly seventy years every need in connection with this work has been supplied. The orphans, from the first until now have numbered nine thousand five hundred; but they have never wanted a meal. Hundreds of times we have commenced the day without a penny; but our Heavenly Father has sent supplies the  moment they were actually required. There never was a time when we had no wholesome meal. During all these years I have been enabled to trust in the living God alone. Seven million five hundred thousand dollars have been sent to me in answer to prayer. We have needed as much as two hundred thousand dollars in one year, and it has all come when needed. No man can ever say I asked him for a penny. We have no committees, no collectors, no voting, and no endowment. All has come in answer to believing prayer. God has many ways of moving the hearts of men to help us, all over the world. While I am praying, He speaks to one and another on this continent and on that to send us help. Only the other evening, while I was preaching, a gentleman wrote a check for a large amount and handed it to me when the service was over."

Remember this was back in the 1800's!  This man took God at His Word and God provided.  Why do we not have such miracles today?  Because we do not have faith!  
George Muller says on his five conditions to prevailing prayer:  
#3—Faith in God's word of promise as confirmed by His oath. Not to believe Him is to make Him both a liar and a perjurer. (Heb. 11:6; 6:13-20.)

Think about it.  If you start to think, Well BUT you are just proving his point. 

If you believe yourself a true follower to Christ Jesus then I urge you to read his writings.  Remember the times are different now but the ways of God has not changed and we can learn more every day by knowing the signs of God's character in others. Studying and praying daily to find ourselves approved.  Encouraged , inspired , corrected and strengthened. 

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