The Miracle of Giving


Giving More does not reduce what you have

When I was a little girl my dad would on occasion give me a few coins.  I could spend those coins anyway I wanted.  Most children will spend every one and be asking for above what they got but we knew Dad would not give us more so we had to decide to buy with what we had. 

God must have put it in my character to be conservative.  I never wanted to spend the whole amount I had.  I did not want what little I had to be gone in one moment but always wanted to save back some for another day to spend.  

In society today it is considered a admirable thing to save money.  To be wise and plan your spending carefully for not only todays needs but tomorrows as well.  We are taught to save for that car, or home down payment.  We save for clothes and other things above the bills we pay every month and we are told to save for emergencies.  

Although these are great and good ideas it is not always doable.  For a variety of reasons.  If you have never been poor you do not understand that it is impossible to save money when you are behind in your bills and do not have enough. 

Even if you once had plenty you can become ill and that money you had saved be gone in a moment of hospitals, and care.  There is no certainty  of material things.  You can store up a barn full of money or food for tomorrow and have a fire take it all away.  Physically speaking and metaphorically. 

The world teaches us to save up for ourselves.  To spend to care for ourselves first and if we have some left over to help others.  Sadly if most have a little extra it all goes to spending on our own wants and desires. To great excess.  People with huge homes buy more vacation homes.  People with tons of food eat more than their body needs.  And we throw out what others in other places would love to eat or use because they have nothing. 

God has a way that I call the miracle of giving.    I have personally found this works magically. 

When I would plan my monthly bills, I would then plan what would get paid first.  The bills for utilities and home payment, card bills etc would come out of the pay first and what was left was what I could use for food and gas to drive.  

When God called me He taught me to give.  It was to give 10 percent off the top of all my income I earned.  This was to teach me to give and not a demand to give exactly 10 percent every time.  10 percent is the bottom line of giving.  God says that everything is His.  We are only giving back some of what God has already given us.  Even having a job is a gift from God. 
So giving 10 percent is the amount to begin giving.  It is God’s heart that we would love to give more as we learned that we would not do with less but would always have our NEEDS provided when we follow His ways.  Needs not all wants. There is a huge difference. 

So what happened to me and everyone who gives with a right heart is that when you give off the top ( what you earned not what is left after everything else) is that even though on paper it will look like you can not make the monthly bills you will!!  Every single time what looked like a impossible situation was made possible by trusting God and giving every month.  It works for me and  it will work for you if you step out in faith and start giving today!  Do not wait till you think you can afford it. Do it now!
©Bauer   art by my daughter
Start by giving to the charity of your choice.  I love to give to three different church groups who give to the poor all over the world.  Also to give to local food banks.  You can give to who ever and God will bless that giving.  Not only to you and your needs but that the money does go to help those in need.  After the money leaves your hands you do not need to worry where it goes.  You have done what you need and trust God with the rest!!  

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