Never give up

Keep on and never quit.  Life will send many hard places.  Each time we fall we must get back up.  Keep searching and knocking for the path.  God is ready to open the door to us and wrap his love around us.  He is never far to those who believe and will trust in Him.   
It is always darkest before the light breaks forth!  Remember too that those who keep on even after many failures are the rocks of courage.  For they press on even when afraid.  To see failure again and again and still get up and declare "I shall not quit for God has promised us He will see us through"  He shall overcome where we fail.  If we never quit.  
That job you need is there, Keep looking.  The home you lost is just a memory of what God will return to you.  The relationship you need is there waiting for you if you do not give up.  Trust and rely on God to bring you through.  We never fail when we Trust and obey our God and Savior Jesus Christ.  

Feeling like you can not take any more?  Sit down right now and turn on the best Faith songs you can and sing for all your voice can express.  Here is a great new album I just received that is very inspirational.  "The art of celebration  a Rend Collective".  
For one of our best weapons against discouragement is to PRAISE and Worship Our God and Savior!!  Lets sing!  Ever notice when you dance or sing you cannot be angry or Sad for long!!  

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