Do not fear the darkness that comes upon you.....

Do not fear the darkness that may come upon your life.  Where the way forward has blinded you. For it is when we cannot see a way out, when all our best efforts fail us that we find one person is still with us.  Our Lord Jesus Christ.  It is in our most hopeless situation we realize like Job that we are helpless.  That indeed we need God in our lives.  He is our help and salvation in all troubles and situations.  In my own small life I have seen death of a husband.  Had my first daughter taken from me for most of her growing up years, I have had another husband leave me for another.  But nothing that has come against me overcame me for God was there to carry me through it.  It was then in the dark places I found the true love of life.  That love is God's love for us. God is real, He is faithful and His way is best. 

Photo by B.Salzano 

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