Why were you born? do you know?

The other day I was waiting in a lobby and had a few minutes so picked up a magazine and flipped it open.  The page was a article from a  young women who was speaking of the topic of “Why are we Here”, Who are we, Is there a God?”.  Really? This intrigued me but alas I had no time to read the article and find out more.  I did read the first page to find this out. She knew we are born, we live and then we die.  Why she asked?  Is there a purpose for man?
A mother and her child. She died by a being drunk at the wheel later in her life and her son grew up and died in Vietnam. Why? Was there a purpose to their lives? Was the lives they had wasted? Will they live again? ©brendasalzano

Another topic online was discussed about a poll in Canada taken where the question to the youth (I think it was graduating students) was posed to them, “what would you most like to see change in the world?” or something along that line.  The overwhelming response was that these youths would like to have more  people who actually spoke the truth and lived it. 

This is incredible  because the majority of people in the world, at least those who can read books, or get online -have the answers to the MOST important truth there is.  WHY WERE YOU BORN? But they live in darkness.

What is the purpose of mankind?  Is there a plan for mankind?  But unlike the woman above I first spoke about it seems most people do not want truth.  They only want to hear what they believe is truth.  Try speaking different truths on  social media and see the response.  Do not lie.  How many people truly believe this is a truth ?  Or Do not steal.  Is that a truth?  WHY?  Do not commit adultery.  Truth or lie?  Why? Basic truths that man decides to believe or not. You know if you truly believe it by wether or not you do your best to obey those truths.  If you stand up for truth you will get negative responses. Why?   We live in the season of “open mindedness”  In other words others want you to be so open minded your brains fall out. We live in a world of deception and lies. 

And all those lies started from the master of lies the dark one himself.  A super powerful angel turned demon whose name is Satan.  Lucifer was a angel of light until darkness was found in him. HE spreads his attitudes and darkness like radio waves.  Unseen but the results are all around you.  Ever wonder why so many of our youths are gathering weapons and then go out to KILL as many as they can and then KILL themselves?  WHY that same scene?  Because the word of God says that until Christ Returns , this worlds God is Satan.  His thoughts and ways are broadcast and joined with our own selfish desires and wants. Another God is our own thinking, Our own image of self with no empathy of others!  Think ISIS or other terrorists world wide.They have NO empathy. Hate, Kill, Destroy is all they live for. 
BTW great article here on teaching your children Empathy Here: click

We all have free will.  We can decide to choose one way or the other.  But if you Choose to know truth and seek it you can find it.  But only if you believe in truth and that a higher purpose for mankind is in our destiny. 
Take time to be alone and seek God's truth.  For only then will you find out who you are!

Without a purpose for life we as a human will be empty and fall for any idea, ideology or path.  The empty mind will be filled but not with light but darkness, pain and destruction.  Destruction of joy, fulfillment , true purpose and worthwhile endeavors. 

What is your Destiny?  What is the meaning of life?  I urge you to read this book and look up the bible passages to prove to yourself what is TRUTH.  It is only when we find out the questions that we find the answers.  Do not base your lack of searching for truth on modern day churches!  The world is full of FALSE churches. False and misguided Leaders who do not follow the Holy Word of God or the Way of love that Jesus taught. (I am not against going to church, I am against false leaders because they are against the true God and what He teaches us)
This book is only a guide.  YOU must look up the bible passages and study and learn.  This is just a beginning. No one can make you believe.  No one can teach you what you do not want to learn.  But what you commit to your mind will never be taken away. 

Link to booklet  

You are going to find out you are uniquely and wonderfully designed and created for a supreme purpose!  You have HUGE value to God.  You are a rare and precious Diamond of Great worth but Satan has deceived you.  YOU can take charge and learn a better way.  Get off the path of death and despair and walk the way to spiritual freedom in Christ Jesus.  

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