What does Sleeping and Death have in common?

 Or "Death, Life and the circle of truth "

God does everything to point us to His purpose and plan.  All creation is speaking to us.  Can you not see it?  

Take the simple act of sleep.  Why did a almighty and perfect God design us to sleep? Was it just so we can rest?  God does not sleep, could He not have made us to live without sleep?  Yes but He has duality in creation.  
We do sleep to rest our bodies and minds and we are made to sleep at night.  It is in the darkness we sleep. 
Sleep is also a spiritual meaning of death.  Have you ever fell to sleep so soundly that it seemed mere moments later you find it is early morning and 8 hours or more have went by?  This is what death is going to be like.  You will have no conscious awareness of time.  You will not eat, or sing, or walk.  You will not be thinking or planing or interacting with others.  You will simply be like one who is in deep sound sleep.  In sleep there is no light. You are separated from Light.  The light being God. To be dead is separated from God for God is light and darkness is not found in Him.

God says all mankind that has yet to accept and believe in Him are like dead men walking.  They walk like one in the dark.  Stumbling over coffee tables, and barely being able to see but objects in the life they live.  The do not see clearly, they do not know how little they see or how little they feel in that darkness for they have never known light!  

Now remember how you felt after a deep sleep and when you awakened to see the sun streaming through your window.  You breathe deeply and admire the sunrise! You see clearly now all that was dimmed during the night.  You hear birds singing and smell coffee downstairs.  You yawn and arise to meet the day.  Your mind starts planning what you want to do and things you want to experience and joy to be had!  You are alive and feeling good!

You walk without stumbling into things because YOU CAN SEE where they are.
You can eat and drink a glass of water to refresh and renew yourself.

This all is telling you what it is like to be alive in Christ!  You will have new eyes to see.  The light is God and His ways.  The light reveals what can not be seen in darkness!  Now you hear the Word of God and can understand.  Now your soul will sing with new possibilities and will find fulfillment and purpose to your life.

God is light.  Many times the word Water will mean the word of God.  Water refreshes and renews us. So does the Holy Word of God. Darkness has the meaning of death.  Of being unable to see.  It also means a time of separation from God, spiritually speaking. 

For you see we have two realities as human beings.  It is a struggle to come to grips between the two but in God’s eyes only the spiritual one is truth. 

Let me try to explain.  I call this the circle of truth.  Imagine a huge circle.  The circle will have dots around it perimeter.  Starting with any topic at the bottom I first think of the physical reason or “physical reality”.  Lets pick a subject I have dwelt with. Financial.  

I struggle like most americans to make ends meet at our household.  During the past few years our income has stayed the same but prices of everything has risen.  My husband is the main wage earner.  
     At the bottom of the circle at the #1 dot I put down that it is my husbands fault that we are late paying some bills because he foolishly has spent budgeted money on things we did not need. 

#2 dot up from that dot I write that I am angry at him and bitter.  
at the top of my circle of truth (like high noon dot #3) I write 
BUT Gods word teaches me that All that I have comes from God not man or mans effort! 
 Down to middle dot #4 I write, 
“God provides everything.  It is up to God to provide me what I need at any given time.  If my husband has not given enough to live on for the month it is not for me to yell at him or get bitter but to take my complaint and ask GOD for what  I need”

Back to#1 Dot I write in conclusion, 
God supplies ALL my needs I just have to ask in a right attitude of thankfulness and I am NOT to be angry at my husband.  Once I started correcting my attitude towards my husband and leaving God to deal with him.  I could pray to God for my needs and what I needed came to me through other means every month. 
I see that it is not my job to correct my husband.  I most certainly can suggest better ways of spending money but if he chooses not to hear my suggestions then it is his choice and he reaps the consequence of his actions as we all do.  My job is not to REACT to my husbands ACTIONS in a negative way.  My job is how am I acting according to the ways of love that God has and is teaching me.

As Mr Stanley says time and again, “Obey God and leave ALL the consequences to Him! “    
We can apply this circle of truth to any and all circumstances in our life.  God’s word is the spiritual truth.  The physical evidence is NOT the true reality of life!  The spiritual truth is!  It works and there are many who are living breathing proofs of it!  

Now back to Death and Resurrection.  
We all will die at some point in our lives.  No one knows when or how. Death does not have to be the end.  To learn even more in depth about what Happens after death and the wonderful news of LIFE again In Jesus Christ I suggest this booklet:
From United Church of God.  It is Free!  Click Here

It is a guide and you will need to pray and study the scriptures given.  But you will be so surprised and relieved to finally know the truth!  Those who died without knowing Christ are not lost forever.  It brings hope and comfort to know the truth. But only you can decide to learn. To study and find the answers according to the scriptures NOT according to what anyone just tells you.  Find out and pray to find the truth.
I can only say after many many years I would never go back to living in darkness.  I choose the Light of Christ and HIS truth. 

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