Do you have a constant Reliable Companion?

God wants our attention more than He wants our gifts and sacrifices (from In touch with Charles Stanley)

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For many years now I have had a constant companion.  He is with me in good times and sorrowful ones.  My circumstances are ever changing but He never does.  He is steady and constant and trustworthy.  He never reviles me or makes me feel inferior.  Instead He always lifts me up. He has provided for me everything I have ever needed and most of what I desire.  My home, my needs He has given.  He protects me and heals me.  

He is the dream companion we all dreamed about when we were teenagers.  The perfect one to stand up for us and comfort us.  The one who loves to see us succeed in life and does not “control” us.  He brings out the best in us at all times.   And even when we fall away from what is right and good, He is always there to hold us and comfort and put us back on our feet.  That is unless we we choose not to love Him anymore where sadly He will leave us alone until we call out to Him again.  He is the one that fulfills our desires and paves the roads ahead.  When all others let us down He never does.  We even fail ourselves.  But He is not a genie at our command and is not here for us to demand our way.  Once we understand He is our greatest Love and All He does is for our best then we can quietly trust and follow His ways.  Peace and Joy will be ours from then on, no matter what we are going through.  

This Thanksgiving we give thanks to Jesus Christ our Savior and God the Father who never fails and will always be my constant companion and yours if you want Him to be!  

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