What Does the resurrection of Jesus Christ really mean for you?

I know, I know.  Every year about this time the world seems all excited to hunt easter eggs, and get a party dress to head out to church early Sunday as the sun rises.  But I ask you.  What do bunnies, hunting eggs and facing the sun coming up have to do with Jesus Christ?  

Nothing!  And when did Christ rise from the dead?  Was it on Sunday morning?  No. Actually it was not.  Christ had already risen when the women went to see the tomb.  He rose sometime before sunset on the 7th day, at that time it was the sabbath day.  We call Saturday today.  It had to follow the PLAN that was re-enacted in sorts when God told the children of God in the beginning to keep the Passover and days of unleavened bread.  Read the stories in the old testament.  They were there to TEACH us that Christ was coming to live on earth and die then be alive again.  The timing had to be exact.  The days in the grave exact.  The time Christ would rise had to be EXACT.  That too you can look up.   God proves Himself to you, I do not have too.  I am just a witness that He has commanded me to share what He has taught me so you would be inspired to seek answers yourself!

NONE of this has anything to do with what GOD wants you to know.  None of this has anything to do with the true message Jesus came to tell you!!  For one, all of the above things I have mentioned are not from Christ at all!  Shocking?  Yes.  I found out it was all based on the traditions of man from old pagan worshippers.  Integrated into a false system of "christianity"  Don't take my word for it go look it all up yourself.  I did. Since 1979 I have been studying the word and ways of God and God has opened my eyes. He will yours too IF you truly seek, knock and pray to understand.  I will not give you all the "proofs".  You will not believe unless you study it yourself.  You should not believe anyone but study the Holy Bible yourself and check up on the truth!  It was important that Christ rose on the 7th day because numbers have a important Holy meaning to God. Seven is completion.  He would not have been raised on the first day of the week.!  Look at the original God given HOLY Days.  Not mans celebrations.  Man's celebrations MEAN NOTHING to GOD.  HE says so through the prophets!

But what I will tell you is the GOOD NEWS of the real meaning of the death of Christ and that He is right now ALIVE and Sitting in Heaven with GOD the FATHER! 
He is NOT dead and still hanging on a cross!  He is not a baby in a cradle.  HE IS CHRIST the Son of God who is alive and on the throne awaiting to return and take His place On earth as King of Kings and Lord of Lords! He takes over the one reigning now.  So who is reigning on earth right now if not God?  The word of God says Satan and his demons are!  Why do you think all these mass killings, hatred, anger etc are from?

It does not take a library to tell you the Good news.  The message from our Lord Jesus Christ is so simple and so filled with love........."the coming Kingdom of God"

The Word of God (later called Jesus Christ) was with God and is God.  He was born of a virgin woman on earth and was made human to die a horrible death so that we could be ransomed (that means he bought us back.  He bought us back because all mankind has been sold into the slavery of sin and the penalty for sin is death for ever. ) Just think!  We had the death penalty But we do not have to go die, we can LIVE!
 He walked and breathed as human man.  For one purpose.  To die and suffer to pay for all our sins so we could have the chance to live again.  He was resurrected to life.  He alone came down from heaven and He alone went back to Heaven...
 (God's word says no man has ascended to heaven except the one who came down from heaven, and that is Jesus Christ)
...to sit alongside God the Father until the work here on earth is done.  

That work is the raising up of potential children of God.  Those who will accept the calling of our Creator and God to live a new life.  A life filled with hope, Joy and abundant living according to the ways of God.  The ways that are love, giving, creating, and sharing life with God the Father and Jesus Christ for eternity.  
Most people today live a life of GET, Take from others, look out for number one, selfish desires, ambition to succeed , get rich at any cost.  Yes MOST. --- Few want to help others.  FEW Put someone else before themselves, & love others more then self.  

But God is raising up children to make up a new world of great joy and prosperity.  Rich in Godly Love for others. Where there will be no more tears, no wars, no hate, no stealing, no lying, No murders.  Where everyone will have enough.  No one will be starving or going without.  No one will be beaten or abused.  Where little children will be able to play with a lion or wolf and not be hurt. No men will steal the children and sell them into sex slaves. Where old men and woman are cared for everywhere.

Sounds like a fantasy?  Yes.  But GOD says it will be- so I BELIEVE!  God has proved to me He is faithful.  I can not prove it to you.  You have to believe in and on God  first.  You have to have the Spirit of God to open your mind and only those who truly BELIEVE can receive it! And only those who want it more than anything the world has to offer will be accepted to receive it. The choice is yours.

Christ did live as a human and died in great pain so we can live again and live now fully.   A time is coming when Christ shall come back to earth to take over the evil that now runs wild.  But first the ones who believe must live a life of overcoming.  They must let God produce in them righteous Character BEFORE they can become a spiritual child of God.  It takes time to build right character.  God is molding and creating in us His ways of right and good.

Never before in all the history of the world have we been so close.  God has shown me in 2012 that "we now live at the Beginning of the End and End of the Beginning"  For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see shall be shown the truth.  The time is not yet. You shall hear of more earthquakes of great magnitude, more natural disasters, and wars among man.  But until the signs giving in His word are fulfilled the end is not yet upon us.  Close but not yet.
Do not get sidetracked into the traditions of Man.  It is not about chocolate bunnies and easter eggs.  It is about the Kingdom of God and Christ is Alive and soon the world will go through great birthing pains before the great and dreadful coming of Christ our Lord.  Pray you may escape that time for never before will anything be like or ever again.  But for the elect's sake it shall be shortened!  NOW is the time to choose LIFE.   Choose to call out to God now before it is too late.  A day comes when a famine of the Word of God will descend and no man will be able to read or write the Holy Bible the Holy Word of God.  Learn now while you can easily access any information online at any time.  Do not take this granted.  Our lives are shorter than we think they are.  God is our only hope.  He is our only Shield of protection and providence.

You will never regret choosing to follow God.  You will always wonder what took you so long. For the Coming Kingdom of God is the most valuable thing you can do for yourself and all you love. His word says it is like you found this rare super valuable pearl in a field.  You go home and sell all you have to purchase that field and have that pearl.  That is the Word of God , the kingdom of God that waits for your decision.

For those who already have, STAND FIRM.  Set your mind now to never quit.  No matter what happens or what you see, feel or hear.  Keep your foundation in Christ and study daily His word so no man can deceive you!! Pray always, and may God's love be your shield and provider in all ways.  Pray for all the true teachers of God's word in these days.  Pray for their health and strength to continue.  Support them and stand up for them.  There are many FALSE teachers also.   BY their FRUITS you shall know them!  

I pray for all my brothers and sisters in Christ daily.  We shall not fail if we BELIEVE and ACT on our foundation of God's Word.  We cannot fail with Christ for us.  We may die but that is not the end!!  As you well know........

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