Reflections of my first Passover

Today at sunset marks the beginning of Passover.


As I ponder this Holy Day instituted by God in the Old testament (not man instituted).  There is a difference.  God set in motion His Holy Days of celebrations or Holy convocations.  Man has a thousand of his own celebrations.  The Word of God is the only place to find out which days God made and honored and most important is WHY He designated them.  God never does anything without a logical, practical and Holy reason.  Most of the time we just do not understand and we do not understand because #1 we don't take the time #2 we do not want to know #3 it takes too much effort to seek, knock and wait to understand.  (for a few reasons why)

Soon after God "Called me".  Meaning a time in my life came when all of a sudden I found my self wanting to know what the bible said.  I had not wanted to before.  I had not had some door to door religious person SELL me on the idea, I was NOT seeking God!  No, I was a typical house wife, going about cleaning my home.  I was cleaning my husbands office and there on the book case was a old but never used bible with his dads ingrained name on the front.  It used to be long ago,  most people were given bibles as a outward sign of believing but they never really believed they just went to church on Easter , or Christmas, or as a child to be water sprinkled baptized.   For a birthday, wedding etc.

For whatever reasons the bible was there.  It creaked when I opened it as the years had gone by without so much as anyone opening it before.  Just like a brand new book would.  God let my page open to the exact page where my eyes fell on the verse about the woman caught in adultery.  The story of how Jesus dwelt with the ones accusing her and how He treated and loved her.
North Bend, Oregon 

It was a dramatic moment.  I felt warm like water flowing over me, as I dropped to my knees.  Somehow I knew this verse was for me and God was telling me the same thing He told that woman. I too had sinned and here was my Creator actually touching me spiritually and saying I was not condemned but instead He said "you are forgiven, Go and sin no more".    His love was unlike anything I had ever felt before.  If you have never felt this,  do not doubt that it is.  For God was there for me that day and every day since.  No, I do not actually feel that warmth every day.  I go on sinning but God is there to help me back up every time I do.  I do not sin willingly and with intent anymore.  I strive every day to be someone God is proud of .  I do not live for the compliments of man but for the smile on God's face toward me.  I was set free that day.  I was given a mind that could start to understand God and in time I learned how to show love back.  First to God and slowly to others I do not know and yes to even those who over the years have hated me for my belief.

Early after this event, I was lead to be baptized and attended a church that really studied the bible.  It was a babe in Christ but where I grew in knowledge and wisdom.  We learned to not only celebrate all of the instituted Holy Days, we lived them.  At passover, we knelt and washed the feet of our brethren.  We learned to be a servant to others by this. We took of the bread and wine, as we learned to accept the death, and broken body of Jesus Christ  for our sins. Sins from the past and sins from the present and sins that would happen.  (this does not mean it was ok to keep on sinning!  But that is another lesson!)

We cleaned our homes meticulously of any leaven.  Showing that we are to continually get the sin out of our hearts, mind and attitudes.  It was not the clean house that was to be the end result but the removing of sin and anything that Puffs up  our hearts!  It was the beginning of learning to LIVE this life in all we did, in all we thought, and how we acted to others.  It was not just a day but this taught me to live for God every day!  Every day was a new beginning.  My life was to honor and obey the law of Love from God.  I was to grow and learn for as long as God allows me in this on this earth.

I diligently taught my last two children to know their God.  For my first daughter was no longer with me from a previous marriage.  But for two of my children I taught them love and respect.   I loved them and I respected them.  But everything was done from God's teaching and His ways of total Love.  This love is not known to mankind .  It is strange and foreign to people in darkens.  Since it is light the dark wants nothing to do with it.  Why?  because it exposes the truth.  GOD's Truth.  A path toward full joy and enlightenment. Purpose and meaning to living.  Now and after Christ's return.
my dad, and family at a meal

Yes, passover was the beginning of my path in truth.  As I learned the more I wanted to know.  To this very second, I seek, I knock and I expect God to teach me.  Not only that I know 100 percent that God will finish what He has begun in Me!  He Promises that to every true believer !  Do you understand that it means HE finishes.  We cannot fail when HE never fails.  As long as one little ingredient is there.  
My Son Rick

YOU HAVE TO WANT TO LEARN and Give God your Will .  Never quit.  Never .  You may rest but you must never give up believing and trusting in God.  He will do the rest.  You cannot fail when this is done.  Everything for your success hangs on if you truly BELIEVE OR NOT.  For if you quit you never believed. 

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