What is your Spiritual "Brand" saying about who you are?

TD Jakes was speaking today on his "Don't Settle" broadcast.  There He covered some really good spiritual meat for our pondering today.  Here are my notes to keep close:

#1.  You don't get right so you can get saved, You get saved so you can get right.
#2.  The convenant (promise of God) came before the circumcision.  Or the promise came before the cutting away of all sin / things we do not need or will hamper us from succeeding forward
#3.  Anything coming between you and where God wants you to be needs to be severed
#4.  Connections matter!  Who you are tied too.  If you are spending all your energy fighting someone or something in your life than you have no more energy to succeed. 
#4.  Is all your connections speaking of who you are now in Christ or are you giving mixed messages?  Does your Facebook page say, "floosy" and at church you say "christian" or at work a totally different person comes across?  Be consistent in your spiritual "Brand" and quit mixing up those who think they know who you are!

"Brand"  is usually something that has a reputation behind the name.  So spiritually by Brand we are asking what is the reputation we as followers of Christ saying to all those around us?

We all need to analyze these things regular.  No one is exempt of the daily, monthly self examinations in our life.  This year lets STAND at the house of Lamb and not just be a spectator!  

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