This is so true.  But how often do we still struggle with anxiety and worry?  I dare say most of us at least weekly?  Streams in the Desert.  The book.  Has a great explanation of this for Jan 4th (devotional)  I have found after all my years walking with God that this is true.  For I have not found I learn to have more faith when things are going well. When the paycheck comes in every week, when the health of family is all good, and no trials or problems come my way.  But instead found that as God stretches my faith and trust in Him then I am growing.  With each passing year I see that God makes me wait longer, with less and less any sign of His intervening.  For indeed He does allow me to hear and know His promises and then every thing I see, hear and feel says I must have heard wrong!  No way of escape or way to get through seems viable.  Yet it is when all seems lost that God comes in a way I never would have thought of.  So I know that if I have thought how He might handle it ... then I know that will NOT be how God will pull me through.  ;-)
The key is to find something else to do while I wait.  To keep up my prayers and requests but totally hand it over to God on HOW and WHEN it will happen.  Making myself busy with doing what God has given me to do with what He has given me for the moment to work with.  

Have a blessed and spiritually prosperous New year!  And Give like you have never Given before!

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