Moving Mom............

Time goes on and nothing stays the same.  We must all adjust to the changes of life.  I continue to learn from my mother who accepts change pretty well.  Except for technology.  But even in that she does better than most her age.  She is 83 years old. She has a iPad and iPhone from my son and is learning to use them pretty well!
Recently it was time to move mom off her 5 acres far away from all of her kids.  I relate this story because in all our circumstances God is constantly involved in all of the aspects of our lives:
Mom at the grave site where dad is buried in eastern oregon
A number of years back my dad died and left mom alone.  He was buried where he grew up and mom had to face life alone after a life time sharing with someone.   We drove past the old ranch that had been in the family for generations as we headed back home 
Old Ranch in Eastern Oregon where dad lived and worked a lot of his life.

Eastern Oregon is hot and dry in the summer and cold in the winter.  As is eastern Washington where Dad and Mom had been living for a few years before his death.  
About a year ago mom decided to sell and move to western Washington to live near family and to get out of the cold and hot temperatures.  Trying to keep all the pipes from freezing, and stay cool in the summers were getting too frustrating not to mention she rarely got to see family as we all live so far apart.  She prayed about it a lot and put her place up for sale.  Of course she wanted a certain price and the relators tried to get her to sell for way less than what they paid. They said she would never sell at that price she wanted.  Plus Dad before he died put thousands of dollars in upgrades on the place.   Mom and I talked and we know that selling a place is one of the things that you trust GOD not reality offices.  Fact: when it is Gods timing someone will come and make a offer.  Not before or too late.  It has nothing to do with any physical circumstances.

The day finally came when a offer came in but it was a super low ball and mom turned it down.  Then months went by and a few lookers came but no offers.  Then a couple came, loved it and made their first offer.  Mom countered and they accepted!  She was so excited!  This would be the first time in her life that she sold and would buy all on her own, her first home.  Before in her life all and I mean ALL decisions were made by dad.  Mom had little to say in anything.  But now it would be different. So began the packing.  She had already started when she listed the home by packing slowly all the little things we do not need to live.  Collectables, Mementos, etc.  She would pack them out in the garage and the next time a relative came she would ask them to put the items in her large Van.  Not a automobile van a trucking van.  Dad had a number of these when he died. He had learned to keep them on hand for whenever he moved and to use as shops and storage when he needed.  So one was kept for mom after he died.  She repainted the garage, and did little upkeep repairs as she could. 

It was hard at times in this economy to keep the faith and trust God.  All the time those little whispers, "you can not sell this place"  "lower your price and just move"  etc etc.  These are NOT from God but from spirits that would have us give up or give in for Less than God's best!
But she stayed the course.  Now she would be moving.  Once she was sure she had a solid deal, she started shopping for her new home.  A few online she saw needed to be seen.  So my brother picked her up and took her to look at the homes.  One of them was for sure just right.  It had everything she wanted in a home and was affordable!!  All the while she was praying for God to make sure she got the right one for her.  One that she could spend the rest of her life in comfortably.  The doors opened that she could put just 1000 down to hold until the closing on her home.  

I should inject here that when God opens doors for a great blessing Satan comes in to do his best to tear it down.  You will hear and see Gods blessing and promises and then it will LOOK, FEEL, like it is all a lie.  I have seen this many times in my life and it is truth!  Expect it.  But do not stumble!  Keep the faith, believe what GOD has told you and stand your ground in His word!  For just as God has told you it shall be done but in HIS time and His Way.  For nothing can come at you that must first be allowed by God Himself!!!  He allows this to test your faith and help you build strength in character and trusting Him!!!

Now she had to have lots of help from my brother and his kids and my sister to do the heavy things.  The deadline for closing came and her house deal was delayed with paperwork.  So she had to call the house she bought and tell them the delay. They were fine with it and even helped walk her though the paperwork that would automatically transfer funds for her new house once her old place had paid in full.  

On one of the trips to the new place everything stopped.  On a four lane freeway, mom was driving with my sister in law and a pickup on her left just slammed into her and pushed her up against the guard rail and down the rail for a long way.  No warning or reason why.  Cars behind saw the whole thing.  Mom said she and Carol were screaming OH OH OH and the dog in the back seat suddenly was in moms lap!  Her dogs name is poppy and poppy hates to ride anyway, so this was why she must have jumped up at the first sign of trouble!  Mom kept the jeep steady though until it stopped.

Afterwards Carol called my brother to come back as he was up ahead pulling a trailer with moms old engine on it.  Oh yes, during this time the engine of my moms only vehicle had blown and she had to order a newer engine to be put in.  It had been lost in transit and she had sat for couple weeks waiting for her jeep to get the new engine.  All this was going on during the 30 days for her to vacate the place and move.  Now here she was with her jeep totaled!  

Now NOTICE what it says on that bus going by !!! (bottom photo) And remember what Jesus Said, "I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.  GOD is showing the whole world HE was there with mom and Carol and HE saved them.  HE will save you if you believe and trust in Him!
Rev 1:8 and 17-18
says, "I am the Alpha and the Omega says the Lord God. Who is and who was and who is to come, The Almighty!  Do not be afraid.  I am the First and the last.  I am the living One; I was dead and Behold I am alive forever and ever!  And I hold the keys of death and hades. "

Thankfully they were not seriously hurt. IF God had not protected them!  The jeep could have gone over the rail and down a cliff!  The police arrived and the other driver was without any license and the pickup he was driving was not his.  He was arrested and taken away in hand cuffs.  Moms jeep was pulled to a storage area. So mom, the dogs, Carol, and their two kids and dogs all had to get into one vehicle and finish the drive to the west coast.  They had to come right back next day and pull moms jeep on a dolly to my brothers house where he will part it out and give mom the money out of the parts.  She lost two days of time over the accident.  Again she was without a car.  

next big problem was they could not find a CDL driver to pull the big Van with all moms things to the new home.  She could not move in without her furniture.  But again God came and helped.  
They were back at the old town and putting new wheels on the back hoe trailer and as they drove by one street in town, my brother noticed a truck that would be the type to pull those trailers like moms.  So when they drove by the second time a man was out there.  They talked to him and asked him if he still hired out to pull and he said he was kinda retired but what did they have to move.  So they explained the situation.  He seemed really happy to inquire more and came out to see the van.  He was so eager to once again drive that he was ready to go right then and there.  But mom explained they would be going the next day.  So it turns out this man had good friends very near where she was moving and he just charged her for the fuel it would cost and said she could pay him whatever she wanted to for moving the trailer for her!  WHO does that?  God does!  God can make someone find favor in you and want to help you.  He in one day did what mom had spent a long time trying to do to find a driver!  And it did not cost anything near what it may have.  

So to wind this down, Mom will get a newer vehicle to drive, she is in her new home where she can grow more plants due to the mild temperatures and she will see her kids, her grandkids way more often and get to be a part of family barbecues and outings.  

She never got sick and never once hurt her back this whole time where as in the past she has had a very weak back.  She has been given strength and courage and all the details were worked out just fine.  God is great and greatly to be praised.  We just do not understand how much He loves us and is working on our behalf every day.  For those who BELIEVE -He hears our prayers and He cares for us.  

Donny with mom couple years ago

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