What is the Nature and Character of God?

We cannot know God unless we spend TIME with God.  It all begins with one of two choices we make.  Belief or Unbelief.  We choose one.  We can change that choice too. If you have led a life in Unbelief it is not yet too late to change to a believer.  

One way opens our minds to understand Who and What God is and His plan for mankind, the other choice will close your mind and leave you in darkness.  Like the walking dead, you will have only your own thoughts of right and wrong and you will be greatly influenced by the dark spirits of the spirit world. 

The character of God the Father and Jesus the Son is one of absolute perfection in Love.  Do not think for moment you understand that kind of love.  For I can safely say the majority of us mortal humans do not fully understand such love.  God (both ) are righteous, and HOLY.   They will never sin, they are the essence of perfection.   They have constant outgoing concern for their creations.  The giver of life and source of all power.  Their ways are ways of helping, teaching, caring for , healing, giving.  

They are Peace, Joy, Merciful, full of True Justice and truth. 

They work together in perfect union and are in unity in all things to the point they are “one”.   One in purpose and deed.  

Their whole purpose is to create.  To make things.  Good, glorious, harmonious, perfect creations. Although they are both in perfect union ONE is the Lead.  God the Father is Lead.  One who was the Word now the Jesus our Christ is the actual creator of all that has been created.  Their way of live produces cooperation, harmony and accomplishment. 

This whole picture of what they do and how they work is the Law of Love.  This is a set of ways to live.  It produces the above character traits of God.  To break any of the laws of love is a automatic penalty.  It is a natural occurrence like if you throw a stone in the air it will fall back to earth and make a dent in the earth.   

If we take any of the things that are HOLY and mis-use it for evil then there will be automatic pain and suffering.  We are wonderfully and carefully made by GOD.  Our bodies reap a consequence when we eat things not meant to be put in these bodies God made.  IF we do things to our bodies not meant for our bodies we pay a price in our health. In our minds we pay a penalty when we allow things in our minds that are against the law of love. 

That is the answer to all suffering and wrong in the world!  When humanity lives in wrong behavior we reap the pain of that choice.  But there is second reason for suffering.  Satan. He is real. He has a legions of dark spirits that follow him.  They influence humanity.  They hate us because we are potential sons and daughters to God.  They  envy that God is making a family to add to Him and Jesus.  But that is another whole chapter. I have covered it in previous posts and will expound on it in the future God willing.  

One last point .  God does correct His children.  If you have heard that God never allows or does not create disasters in the land to the people then you have not read the old testament. While many things that happen to us are from our wrong choices.  Not punishment.  But many times in the bible we read of God's punishment on nations, kingdoms, and people.  Why?  What true LOVING father does not correct and apply punishment to a dear child?  Not to be cruel or mean but to change the heart and actions of the child! 

Are you a True Believer or are you a unbeliever?  When you are ready- remember God will hear you and You can trust Him to deliver you and lead you in a better path of life. Just knock! 

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