Happy Thanksgiving! What are You thankful for?

Blessings and Thanksgiving on this day to God who provides all things and IS all things to us! 

I am so thankful for these things:
1. God and His calling.  To know Him and be taught by Him day after day.  To know He never gives up on us and He will provide all our needs as we Surrender our will to Him today and all days that we live.
2. Family, my precious mother, my siblings.  My children who are grown and in whom I am so proud to be their mother. My extended family both by birth and marriage. My husband.
3. To actually have a home to call my own and be able to follow the call of God and walk with him as my first job and to do my art also. For it is a awesome life to share the love of God with so many others as I see it help them live a more fulfilling life as they find more joy and happiness.
4.To always have hope for tomorrow and live today for the day it is.  Taking what God has given me for this day and make the most of it. Not dwelling on sadness or regret or fear of tomorrow.  FOR TODAY I HAVE ENOUGH.
5. I am thankful for our pets, the fuzzy dogs I have to keep me company though the good and bad.
6. I am blessed to have a good running, and gas efficient car to drive.  To be able to pay our bills and have good health. 
7. I never lack for food!  I have clean water to drink and a warm heater when it is cold. 
8. FRIENDS!  I have friends that have stayed faithful friends for many many years. Isn't that a great blessing for us all to have such friends.  They never turn their back on us, they love us no matter what political stand we take, or religious view we live by!  True Friends.  
9. Country!  I live in a awesome country USA!  Where it is still FREE to worship God and write about him without persecution from government.  (persecuted by people still happen and will happen until Christ returns!) 

these are just a few of my "I am thankful " lists.  What are yours this year???

Enjoy your meal, your fellowship.  Be sure and give food to the places who feed the poor before you eat tomorrow. Making sure you are sharing what God has given you!  ;-)

"If you dwell on the things you have and not on the things you do not have you will equip your brain on Joy and thus overcome depression"

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