Do not be hungry or thirst again...........

Jesus spoke in Parables.  Did you know He did not speak so that everyone could understand?  Yes. For only those who BELIEVE will understand.  For they all have ears, but not everyone will hear, for all have eyes, but not everyone will see .  Only those who believe and surrender their wills to follow the truth will know truth!  
IF you are a true believer, SHOUT WITH JOY! For you will see and hear.  YOU are the children of the Living God!

"This is the will of God that you believe in the one He has sent"!  John 6:29

"at this point many of his disciples turned away and deserted Him" John 6:66

But with Joy:
"Then Jesus turned to the 12 and said, "are you going too?"  Simon Peter replied, "Master, to whom shall we go?  You alone have the words that give eternal life, and we believe them and know you are the Holy Son of God.

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