Have you given up on your dreams?

The biggest factor of a human who feels all hope is lost, or feels they are never going to be where they want to be. Or are not what others think they should be is that we do not really understand who we are!  When you study and find out that the God of All the universe, who made and created ALL things has also created humans and called them His children.  Well..., those who accept that He is God and Believe and trust His word ARE His children.  That His purpose was to raise them up one day be made of Spirit and live throughout the universe!  That all the suns and stars throughout the universe were created for His children to share a life of family in God!  

Taking any one factor and studying it with this knowledge lets you get a Glimpse just  a Glimpse of His power and wisdom. Like the sun.  Our sun that warms our earth. How it continues to burn and not burn up and it is just one tiny sun out there burning!  This same God who although He has angels.  Not little babies with wings but HUGE six Wing Ones and others with multiple heads.  These Angels are not called His children but mere, fragile man is.  The mystery of the Plan of God is revealed through the word of God. 

The word of God is there in the inspired Bible for all to read.  But do not keep waiting, for how long will this word of God be there for you to read. For you to learn and grow in the knowledge and grace of God?  A time will come when again as in the past the word will be squashed!  Banned and forbidden. 

11 “The days are coming,” says the Lord God, “when I will send a time upon the land when the people will be very hungry. They will not be hungry for bread or thirsty for water, but they will be hungry to hear the Words of the Lord. 12 People will go from sea to sea, and from the north to the east. They will go from place to place to look for the Word of the Lord, but they will not find it. 

But what we commit to our minds can not be taken away.  Now is the day to find out and prove to yourself what this Mystery Plan God has set in motion for mankind.  A plan for GOOD and not bad.  
And not to ruin the end of the story but God Wins.  God wins over evil for Christ died for this reason.  The story already has a ending and darkness does not prevail over God.  However some will never believe.  Some will want to be blind and will war against the God of us all.  They will die the death of life forever.    Choose today to choose LIFE.  You are So special and God knows your talents and His plan for you!  You may have a dream.  A dream to own your own home someday, a dream to be a really good __________ fill in the blank.  A dream to happily Married some day or just to have a good paying job.  God can and will help you with your dreams IF you trust him and believe.

There is no life as full and filled with joy as one who has accepted and trusted in God.  In Jesus Christ as their savior.  Who then are in His care.  He promises to lead, teach, direct us if we are willing to follow Him. He promises to protect, to go before and behind us. He will provide for and heal.  He is our all.  He is our Joy and Breath.  God is listening, He knows you.  Will you know HIM?

For all of us the walk is sometimes long.  This builds patience and trust.  Sometimes it is hard.  This builds endurance.  So if you are already a believer keep on walking.  Keep on believing for you do not know that one more day or one more step and the dream will be there you seek!

God bless your search for Truth!
in Jesus Name,

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