Circumcise your Heart

Recently a self imposed "news" group brought up the discussion of Circumcision. They posted a page that was not full of truth or even had any idea of what the depth of the circumcision was really for.  This is just my personal opinion but NEWS should be facts not personal views  and should never be gossip or half truths!  It is suppose to be NEWS one can rely on as being Truth!  Our news or as this group has fallen prey to is not news it is heresy.  People can have opinions, and to each his own.  But those who are posting news have a huge responsibility to check out the facts first before posting it as truth.  Lets look at what GOD thinks about circumcision:

We find God commanded that all males be circumcised back in Genius 17 and is called the 'Covenant" of circumcision.  
This is My covenant which you shall keep, between Me and you and your descendants after you: Every male child among you shall be circumcised;

A covenant is a pledge (agreement/ contract) between two peoples.  A very important convenant was between God and Abram (later called Abraham in this same chapter) in Genesis 15:1-21 which began the basis of God's Interaction with those He calls HIS people throughout history.

Abram ment "exalted father" God changed to Abraham meaning "Father of Nations" for with this contract God would bless him with many decedents. 

So God in the beginning of Teaching his male children, commanded they be circumcised.  It was commanded for men only.  He did not do this to mutilate them as the article I read implied, nor to harm them but for a purpose!  God always has a purpose and never does anything that is not in the long run for the GOOD of His children.  What LOVING parent would do anything to harm or hurt the future of his kids?  Unloving ones would but not true LOVING ones.

There were rules to the circumcision  too.  It was to be done to the infant on day 8.  Do you have any idea why the 8th day?  Do you understand that every thing God sets in motion is for a purpose to understand and live a Godly Life?  That all the things from the past that God set for His children were pointing to a incredible and Glorious Plan for Mankind???  As I have talked about often on this blog, every Holy Day set up had a meaning of future things to come!  The annual festivals, when they were set to be held all pointing to something greater to come.  (not mans holidays but GODS HOLY days)

If you study and pray God will lead you in what is Truth in these things.  Don't believe me or anyone without studying and finding out what is true.  Read your BIBLE the truth is there.  And as the curator posting the false news article I read said, "Playing the devils advocate, the bible is not all true"  The Bible is GODS WORD, GOD DOES NOT LIE.  People lie and deceive. Not GOD.

Are there books out there that say they are from God and tell lies?  YES
Are there spirit beings who deceive humans to distort and twist the truth of GOD ?  YES
Just as through out history there has been groups who maim and mutilate women and men for their own disgusting purposes NOT from God.

I have posted a (article link)  view of how we will see Truth being suppressed and LIES winning over in our world in the link below at the bottom of this page.  Read it and know that circumcision is not the only lies becoming the new "truth".  Be informed and build your foundation on GOD"S TRUTh.

As for circumcision today?  Do your own research, I decided to when my son was born.  What does GOD SAY TODAY?

Jeremiah 9:24-26

New Life Version (NLV)
24 But let him who speaks with pride speak about this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am the Lord who shows loving-kindness and does what is fair and right and good on earth. For I find joy in these things,” says the Lord.
25 “See, the days are coming,” says the Lord, “when I will punish all who have gone through the religious act of the Jews, but have not had the sin cut from their heart. 26 I will punish Egypt, Judah, Edom, the sons of Ammon, Moab, and all those who live in the desert. For none of these nations have had their flesh cut. And none of the people of Israel have had the sin cut from their heart.”

So we see what God intended all along!  GOD wants us to have a GODLY HEART.  To change how we act and thinks.  To be the examples of righteous living.  Being full of TRUTH, HONESTY, GIVING, and not following the ways of this world.  Walking with GOD at all times and following His ways.  This means doing Godly things even when no one sees you but God.  Sin is anything that is against the ways of God.   God taught me many years ago, all things boil down to BELIEF or UNBELIEF.  Those who do not believe are children of darkness, blind and let by the spirits of all that is against God.  God is light and all that is good.  Satan that arch devil is of lies, and deception.    He is against all that is of God. 
What will you choose? To believe or to stay as a unbeliever? 
As for circumcision It is up to you to circumcise or not. God wants a changed heart.
Columbia River by B. Salzano
✭✭✭Good Read on how the internet and some groups are getting lies and false hood to be believed:

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