Watched the Eagle Cam today......


I watched this interesting "cam" of a pair of eagles with two youngsters  yesterday.  My whole life I have had the opportunities to observe animal behavior.  Not only growing up on ranches and farms but also in the back world of Homestead Living in Alaska.  Always my life has been with animals.  Thus to watch this video stream of the eagles was just as I have seen all my life.

However to most it may seem harsh.  For the day I watched it, one eaglet was continually pecking on the other to the point it had to turn and burrow further under the parent eagle to keep from being pecked to bleeding.  For indeed the aggressive eaglet would have no compassion on its sibling.  It only knows it wants to eat, it wants warmth.  It saw its sibling as possible food  to eat.  Generally most people think the animal world is like human world.  That there is some sort of "love" toward each other and caring.  There is a in some animals a sort of attachment to others of their kind and rarely we all see the occasional mother animal that will feed and raise a baby from another species.  But this is not the norm.
This eaglet would have eaten the other baby if blood had been attained.

I have watched mother animals eat their young.  It is not abnormal in some cases for this to happen.  I have watched some sheep or cattle etc reject their young.  Their minds do not reason they act on a inherited action built into them. Sometimes that right action like caring for their young is messed up.  And in humans this happens too.

True Knowledge comes only from our Maker.  God alone has truth.  Part of this truth is God did not design animals with the same spirit of life that He gave to humanity.  Animals are given life, but God instilled in them traits, habits for each species.  Man was given the human spirit which means that in each person is the ability to learn to love or have compassion on other life.  We are born selfish.  Just as the animals react to needs of food, procreation and survival.  But in animals it is species common traits.  Like the birds that go to same nesting grounds each year of whales migrating to same areas, or how wolves live in packs but other animals do not.  How elephants behave or monkeys etc etc.  None of these were given the mind to learn of God.  Only human minds can acknowledge God and learn of love.  This love where one can put others before their own needs.  Animals indeed will care for their young.  Most the time.  Also most wild animals will eat their own young in the right circumstances.  They feel no remorse for any of their actions.  They are not of the same mind as we are.

Sadly some humans can also become like this with no remorse to the killing or torture of other living things.  Which is why I write today.

Having observed and studied the animal world.  I accept their behavior as they follow a common pattern which was created in them. When I watch the bombings of innocent people by other people or governments who torture, poison, steal from their own, I  see how animal like we become without God's instruction and ways of living.  We are physical and like animals without God in our lives we just act a lot like animals.  Oh we may build great buildings, computers, etc but our actions are still elementary.  Sex for the sake of sex, give to others as long as they give something back, actions in accordance with how much we receive back. Even our "giving" if carefully analyzed is for our own gain.  Attention, to be seen as someone special, some sort of gain.

But God's ways are those of Love even to those who are mean to you.  Give to those who are not able to give you any thing back.  Put someone else before your own wants and needs.  Do a good thing in secret so no one knows.  THAT is not natural.  That is from God.  All these things are foreign to most people.  Certainly was to those recent young men who bombed Boston.  Killing a little 8 yr old boy.  How different was that from the animal who kills and eats it litter mate?

I do not write this blog for debate.  I have a direction from my Creator to share what He teaches me with anyone He leads to read this blog.  If you are reading this, GOD led you too!  It does not matter wether you believe it yet or not.  God loves you even if you are still in that stage of life of selfish living, caring only for self or maybe you hate yourself.  God wants you to know He loves you with a love you cannot understand fully yet.  That He has a Huge plan for mankind.  One in which all will be revealed in time.  A coming time of such love that even the animals will turn from eating each other to eating straw like a ox.  And YES that is in God's word the Holy Bible too!

As for the eaglets?  You can google Humbolt county Eagle nest and find it.  I just checked in again and that little meeker eaglet is still being pecked aside. If he does not get up and get his meals he will weaken and die.  Hopefully he/she will get more food to survive.  If not- in the animal world only the strong survive.  Sure glad in God's plan the weak will be strong in the Name of Jesus Christ!

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